Included below are our District’s Annual Reports, Audit Reports, and Other Budget Related Reports.

Annual ReportAnnual Reports

The Annual Reports are a summary of financial and programmatic activities, staffing summaries and performance feedback.

Audit or Budget Reports

To view a copy of an audit or budget report for the Lake Cumberland District or for one of the local health departments, go to the special purpose government entities web page here: SPGE Public Portal page.  Once on the page, in the “SPGE Name/Type” field, type in, “Lake Cumberland District Health Department” for the district results; or, for example, Adair County Public Health Taxing District, for a local health department, then click the “Search” button.

Check Register

The Check Register includes a list of payables.

Financial Statements

2017 2018
LCDHD Statement 2017 LCDHD Statement 2018
Adair Statement 2017 Adair Statement 2018
Casey Statement 2017 Casey Statement 2018
Clinton Statement 2017 Clinton Statement 2018
Cumberland Statement 2017 Cumberland Statement 2018
Green Statement 2017 Green Statement 2018
McCreary Statement 2017 McCreary Statement 2018
Pulaski Statement 2017 Pulaski Statement 2018
Russell Statement 2017 Russell Statement 2018
Taylor Statement 2017 Taylor Statement 2018
Wayne Statement 2017 Wayne Statement 2018

Auditor of Public Accounts Recommendations for Public and Nonprofit Boards

To see how we comply with the 32 recommendations: