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Epidemiology is the study of the causes and occurrences of disease and disability in the community and the application of this study to the control of health problems.  This includes the investigation of outbreaks of communicable diseases, as well as the study of chronic illnesses. 

Information gathered through epidemiological studies and surveillance, along with district, state, and national data is collected, analyzed, and disseminated through reports and newsletters.

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department receives funding from a CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant to employ 1 Epidemiologist for the 10-county District. The function of the Epidemiologist is to provide epidemiologic consultation and support to the health departments within the Lake Cumberland District, as well, as build epidemiologic capacity.

Additionally, the LCDHD has 28 professionals who are part of our Epidemiology Rapid Response Team (ERRT).  This is a group of nurses, environmentalists, epidemiologists, and preparedness professionals who have advanced training in epidemiologic techniques such as: surveillance, investigation, and reporting.  These individuals are prepared to respond during a disease outbreak.  The nurses, environmentalists, and epidemiologist have responded to numerous disease reports and outbreaks over the years and have successfully mitigated their spread further in the population.

The Epidemiology Program has steadily built upon and improved the disease reporting system that existed prior to the placement of Epidemiologists as the local health department.  In addition to disease reporting, the Epidemiology Program has published the Annual Health Report Cards and serves as a resource to the community for disease-specific questions, data requests, and other epidemiological information.

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