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Lake Cumberland District Health Department

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Environmental Services

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department Environmental Health Services includes programs related to the enforcement of public health regulations for environmental health and community safety.

Find comprehensive information on food storage, cooking temperature charts, safe meal prep, and poultry safety.

The Lake Cumberland District requires all food handlers to become certified food employees. It’s easy to get certified. 

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department Environmental Health Services provide helpful guidelines related to community health and safety.

Environmental Health is the branch of Public Health that is concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. We enforce the Public Health Laws and Regulations of the Commonwealth.

Our duties are defined in KRS Chapter 212.00

We inspect all public facilities such as: food service providers, hotels/motels, schools, swimming facilities, mobile home / RV parks, tattoo / piercing studios, confinement facilities and youth camps.

In addition, we inspect/investigate nuisance complaints, animal bites, on-site sewage systems, West-Nile, radon, lead, mercury spills, natural disasters, bio-terrorism and water sampling.