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Family Planning

Family planning services promote reproductive health by supporting planned conception, aiding in interval spacing of children and preventing unintended pregnancies. Family planning services are delivered confidentially to both women and men.

They can include:

  • history and physical exam
  • preconception counseling
  • pregnancy testing
  • infertility services
  • provision of birth control methods, including sterilization for males and females, and emergency contraception
  • pap and STD tests


Appropriate referrals will be made to community providers.  Contact your local health department for more information.

Kentucky Family Planning

Family planning is a process that lets you decide when you want to have children. Whether or not you are ready to have children, family planning can help you make choices that support your decision.

Confidential family planning services for women, men and teenagers include.

RHNTC Birth Control Method Options

Benefits of Family Planning
  • Have children when you are ready 
  • Prepare financially for your children
  • Become healthier before and during a pregnancy
  • Less concern for an unplanned pregnancy
  • Make your own decisions about birth control

Learn more at CHFS.KY.GOV.