First Employee Excellence Award Winner is Renea Atkinson

  The first ever recipient of the LCDHD Employee Excellence Award is Renea Atkinson. Renea is a HANDS team member in Wayne County and was nominated by multiple people for her dedication to excellence for her families and her teamwork with the other HANDS staff in Wayne County. Renea was in the top 5 of program productivity every month in 2022 and again in January of this year. She is the only HANDS staff member to have achieved that accomplishment. That is certainly saying something because we have a fabulous HANDS staff! Thank you for your commitment to your families […]

Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Requirements

  LAKE CUMBERLAND DISTRICT HEALTH DEPARTMENT APPLICATION FOR WIC BREASTFEEDING PEER COUNSELOR Breastfeeding Peer Counselors provide basic information about breastfeeding to WIC mothers during their pregnancy, and after the baby is born. They encourage mothers to breastfeed, and help mothers find help if problems occur. Starting pay for this position is $13.50/hr. The Breastfeeding Peer Counselor must meet all of the following listed qualifications: Be a contemporary/cohort/equal to the woman to whom she will be providing information and support. This includes speaking the ability to speak Spanish, if needed; Has been or currently is a WIC participant; Has breastfed at […]

Dr. Richard Miles receives 2023 Dr. Hossein Fallahzadeh Public Health Hero Award

Dr. Richard Miles has been named the 2023 Dr. Hossein Fallahzadeh Public Health Hero Award winner. The award, presented by Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD), is bestowed annually to an individual who has demonstrated a dedication to improving the health of district residents. The winner is announced each April as part of National Public Health Week (April 3-9, 2023). Richard Miles, M.D., is a graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He opened his practice in Russell County over 40 years ago as a family physician. He is a long-time member of the local and district board […]

Vicky Albertson named Employee of the Year 2022

We are very proud to announce that Vicky Albertson has won the Employee of the Year honor for 2022. She has worked tirelessly, going above and beyond on numerous occasions as well as stepping into BIG SHOES in the role of Diabetes Program Manager this year. Vicky was instrumental in helping LCDHD get full CDC recognition of the DPP Program (one of only 7 health departments in this state with this distinction). Vicky goes the extra mile for her diabetes groups and classes by creating videos, developing games and challenges and being an individual coach for her participants. She has […]

Brian Burriss Employee of the Month December 2022

Brian Burris was named the December 2022 Employee of the Month, the second time in 3 months! Brian is the Maintenance Supervisor for the district and was nominated for witnessing an accident where a man slipped and was caught under his car which began dragging the man. Brian jumped out of his vehicle and stopped the other car from rolling and helped get the man to safety. Thank you Brian for reacting to this life threatening situation and offering help!

Monica Denney Employee of the Month November 2022

Monica Denney was named the November 2022 Employee of the Month. Monica is a clerk in Pulaski Co. and was nominated for her big heart and generous soul. She often helps others who are struggling to have enough food or pay their bills and as an especially tender heart for stray and homeless animals, working diligently to find them homes. Thanks for all you do Monica!

Brian Burriss Employee of the Month October 2022

During last week’s Executive Staff meeting, Brian Burriss was named the October 2022 Employee of the Month. Brian is the Maintenance Supervisor for the district. His nomination was for going above and beyond to deal with a vendor who was performing a task at one of the sites and became rude and unprofessional to employees. Brian stepped in and handled the situation, standing up for LCDHD staff. Thanks for all you do, Brian! Congratulations! Pictures are Brian Burriss, District Maintenance Supervisor and Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director

Jane Gosser Employee of the Month September 2022

Executive Staff has chosen Jane Gosser as the September 2022 Employee of the Month. Jane is a clerk supervisor and office manager at the Russell County office. Her nomination was for going above and beyond to change a flat tire for a co-worker. She also taught the co-worker how to do it so if it ever happens again, she wouldn’t be stranded. Thanks for all you do, Jane! Congratulations! Pictured left to right are: Angie Simpson, Administrative Services Manager, Jane Gosser, Office Manager at Russell County, and Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director.

Michelle Wesley Employee of the Month August 2022

During yesterday‘s Executive Staff meeting, Michelle Wesley was named the August 2022 Employee of the Month. Michelle is a clerk in the HANDS program. Her nomination was for going above and beyond to help get a local taxing district payment to the district in a timely manner when an office manager was on vacation so that the end of the year close out would not be held up. This is outside of Michelle’s normal responsibilities, but she was more than willing to step up and help out. Thanks for all you do, Michelle! Congratulations! Pictured on the left is Michelle Wesley, HANDS program […]

Shirley Daniels Employee of the Month July 2022

During yesterday‘s Executive Staff meeting, Shirley Daniels was named the July 2022 Employee of the Month. Shirley is the Clerk Supervisor/Office Manager in Wayne County. Her nomination was for going above and beyond to help straighten up a mess created when one of our bank accounts was fraudulently hacked on multiple occasions. It required her to close accounts, work closely with the banks and reach out to Board members to explain the situation and get new signatures. Thanks for all you do, Shirley! Congratulations! Pictured left to right are: Angie Simpson, Administrative Services Manager, Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director, and Shirley Daniels Supervisor/Office Manager […]