Challenges Facing Many Appalachian Area Local Health Departments

We can all agree that health equity is a worthy cause. When one compares a Kentucky County map highlighting poverty to one highlighting poor health status, it is obvious that significant health disparities exist in the poorest parts of our state when compared to the wealthiest. While we all desire for the health status of every Kentucky County to improve, we should also just as adamantly want to see the gap of health disparity close when comparing the wealthiest to the poorest areas of the state. Download the remainder of the article here: Challenges Facing Appalachian Local Health Departments.

District Board of Health Meeting

There will be a meeting of the Lake Cumberland District Board of Health on September 6th, 2016, at the Russell County Health Department at 7:00 pm EST/6:00 pm CST. This meeting is open to the public and complies with all open meeting laws consistent with KRS 61.805 to 61.850.

2016 Rabies Clinics Dates Posted

Did you know that every year an estimated 30,000-40,000 U.S. residents are potentially exposed to rabies and require human rabies post-exposure prophylaxis? In the past 3 years there have been over 50 animals that have tested positive for rabies in Kentucky. Rabies threatens all members of the family, including pets. When left untreated, rabies is almost always fatal. However, it is 100% preventable. This is why we must take the appropriate steps to prevent and control rabies in our communities. Although the majority of cases of rabies occur in the wildlife population, most humans are exposed to the virus as […]

Protect Yourself And Your Family From Mosquitoes Around Your Home

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department advises homeowners to begin preparing now for summer mosquito season by ridding their environments of potential mosquito breeding areas. Mosquitoes are a common insect in Kentucky, particularly in the warmer months. Besides being a nuisance, some mosquitoes are known to carry diseases. You should take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential exposures by reducing possible breeding locations in and around your home. “We should be mindful of areas and objects around our homes that can hold water and also support mosquito breeding,” said Stuart Spillman, Environmental Health Director. Birdbaths, clogged […]

Eating Right When Money’s Tight for People with Diabetes

For people with diabetes, making healthy food choices is an important part of managing the disease. With the right tips and a little planning, you can eat healthy and stretch your food budget. Plan ahead. Before you head out to the grocery store, plan your meals for the week and make a list of the foods you need. Include meals such as stews and casseroles that stretch your food dollars, and double the recipe for a second meal. Review grocery store ads and clip coupons from the local newspaper or online. Read the food label and compare brands and sizes […]