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The Kentucky Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) program is a voluntary home visitation program for any new or expectant parents. HANDS supports families as they build healthy, safe environments for the optimal growth and development of children.

Kentucky's HANDS: Health Access Nurturing Development Services

HANDS is a volunteer educational program for new parents. It is available in every county throughout our ten-county District.  HANDS is designed to assist all parents to become the best parents they can be.  Our specially trained staff present new parents with educational information on critical development areas during pregnancy and throughout the baby’s first two years of life.  The HANDS program is designed to assist parents in understanding child development, parenting skills and to assist with questions and concerns that new parents may have. HANDS will also assist with providing valuable information on other community health services and resources. HANDS is available to ALL parents.

For more information, please call 1-606-348-9349 extension 8249, or contact the LCDHD HANDS Program online.

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HANDS is a FREE home visiting program for pregnant moms-to-be and new parents that supports all areas of your baby’s development.

HANDS will support you throughout your pregnancy and the first two years of your baby’s life. Enrollment MUST BE during pregnancy or when your baby is less than three months old.

If you would like more information about the Kentucky HANDS Program within the Lake Cumberland Area, please fill out your information below. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Comments from Our Families

“To be a better and happier more involved parent. I have greatly enjoyed Angie’s visits. She’s very supportive and has become a close friend I can open up to.”

“I want Shannon to keep on doing what she’s doing.”

“I have really bonded with Jennifer and consider her to be a really respectful person and a great friend.”

“The program was wonderful. Wish there was something other than HANDS once out of program I miss it.”

“Visitor doing a wonderful job. My children and I love her.”

“HANDS worker is amazing. I wouldn’t ask for better. She really loves her job and my children.”

“Heather is just awesome. Feels like I have gained a great friend.”

“April always does an awesome job. We enjoy her very much.”

“I love HANDS. My only regret is I wish I had started HANDS in 2004 when I had my oldest son. Far as my Home Visitor. She is lovely, helpful, kind. God sent her to me to bring me knowledge.”

“Debbie has become like a family member, she is much appreciated.”

“She’s awesome and has been with me for almost a year and I’ve recommended HANDS.”

“Helped with goal setting and encouraged us to follow them.”

“I enjoy talking to my visitor she helps me a lot.” “She is the best.”

“Love our home visitor! She is always helpful and offers suggestions and gives options without being overbearing.”

“Satisfied with everything. Great program.”