Message from the Directors

Dear Citizen: Winnable Battles: Learn more about these public health areas.

The Centers for Disease Control have identified Winnable Battles in public health.  Some of these include: 1) Hospital Associated Infections, 2) HIV, 3) Motor Vehicle Injuries, 4) Obesity/Nutrition/Physical Activity/Food Safety, 5) Teen Pregnancy, and 6) Tobacco.  Let’s take an account of where our district’s health status currently rates in regards to several of these areas.

  • HIV:  Data shows our district has 111 individuals identified as living with AIDS.
  • Motor Vehicle Injures: Our district scored a “D” in the category of “Motor Vehicle Death Rate”.
  • Obesity/Nutrition/Physical Activity/Food Safety: Our district scored a “D” in obesity.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Our district has higher than state and national averages of “Teen Births”.
  • Tobacco: Our district scored a “D” in the categories of “Lung Cancer Incidence” and in “Lung Cancer Death Rate”.

If you are weary of our citizens constantly being rated so low in areas of public health, here are some things you can do:

  1. Reserve sexual activity to a committed relationship [this is the best option], or make sure to have protected sex;
  2. When driving: don’t do so after drinking alcohol; wear your seatbelt and observe the posted speed limits; and do not text or send messages via electronic devices;
  3. Eat normally proportioned helpings of nutritious foods including at least five fruits and vegetables a day;
  4. Exercise about 30 minutes per day; and
  5. Avoid the use of tobacco products.

Do the above and join us in our mission of, “…promoting good health practices…,” and strive for these five healthy activities.

  • Shawn D. Crabtree

    Shawn D. Crabtree, MSSW, MPA

    Executive Director

  • Christine Weyman

    Christine Weyman, MD, PhD, FAAP

    Medical Director