Lake Cumberland District Board of Health

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department is governed by a 30-member District Board of Health with representation from each county’s local board of health. The board is comprised of county judge executives, physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, engineers, optometrists and citizen members. Among others, see KRS 212.855 & 902 KAR 8:150.

To learn more about the health boards or to apply to be a member, click Board Resources.


  • Gale Cowan

    Honorable Gale Cowan

  • Matt Jackson

    Matt Jackson, RPh

  • Shantila Rexroat

    Shantila Rexroat, DVM


  • Randy Dial

    Honorable Randy Dial

  • Gina Goode

    Gina Goode

  • Kay King

    Kay King


  • Ricky Craig

    Honorable Ricky Craig

  • Jake Staton

    Jake Staton


  • John Phelps

    Honorable John Phelps, Jr.

  • Kristen Branham

    Kristen Branham


  • John Frank

    Honorable John Frank

  • Pam Bills

    Pam Bills


  • Jimmy Green

    Honorable Jimmie "Bevo" Greene

  • Terry Lawson

    Terry Lawson

  • Stephen McKinley

    Stephen McKinley, OD


  • Steven Kelley

    Honorable Steven Kelley (Chair)

  • Terry Lawson

    Robert Drake, MD

  • Patty Guinn

    Patty Guinn, RPh

  • Bruce Jasper

    L. Bruce Jasper, DVM

  • Al Perkins

    Alvin Perkins, MD

  • James Wesley

    James Wesley


  • Gary Robertson

    Honorable Gary D. Robertson

  • Richard Miles, MD

    Richard Miles, MD

  • Susanne Watkins

    Susanne Watkins, OD


  • Barry Smith

    Honorable Barry Smith

  • Gayle Phillips

    Gayle Phillips, DNP (Vice-chair)

  • Marlene Richardson

    Marlene Richardson, DMD


  • Mike Anderson

    Honorable Mike Anderson

  • Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown, MD

  • Joe Silvers

    Joe Silvers, RPh

Local Boards of Health 2021


Bergin, James, MD; Brown, Janella, DMD; Burton, Jacob, OD; Coffey, Billy, Fiscal; Cowan, Debbie, Lay PE; Honorable Cowan, Gale; Feese, Catherine, MD; Hutchison, Sheri, RN; Jackson, Matt, RPh; Jessee, Lee Ann, Consumer; Partin, Gary, MD; Rexroat, Shantila, DVM;


Brown, Adlie, DMD; Cundiff, Darin, MD; Honorable Dial, Randy; Goode, Gina, Lay RPh; Haddad, Housam, MD; Hecht, Homer, Consumer; King, Kay, RN; Lee, Linda, Fiscal; Overstreet, Jennifer, Lay OD; Price, John, MD; Shugars, Jennifer, Lay PE; Wilkey, Don, DVM;


Brown, Judith, RN; Brown-Conner, Heather, OD; Cash, Susan, DMD; Honorable Craig, Ricky; Dailey, Charles, DVM; Denney, Carol, Lay MD; Haddix, Lala, Consumer; Nuetzman Guffey, Christy, Fiscal; Powell, William, MD; Roberts, Laura Ann, RPh; Staton, Jake, PE; Wilson, Michael, MD;


Branham, Kristen, Consumer; Clark, Janet, RN; Dyer, Brian, DVM; Dyer-Hurt, Lauren, Lay OD; Flowers, Robert, DO; Lee-Watson, Gina, Fiscal; Morgan, Joseph Michael, RPh; Honorable Phelps, John Jr.; Shelton, Tabatha, Lay PE; Stephenson, John G., DMD; White, Gary, Lay MD; Williams, Douglas, Lay MD;


Allen, Charlie, PE; Bagby, Glenda, RN; Bills, Pam, Lay MD; Bobrowski, Garth, DMD; Bradshaw, Devi, Fiscal; Collison, Teresa, RPh; DeSimone, Shane, MD; DeSpain, Mary, Consumer; Honorable Frank, John; Patterson, Paul, OD; Risen, Mark, MD; Shuffett, R Michael, DVM;


Egnew, Azalie, Lay RN; Honorable Greene, Jimmie (Bevo); Hammons, Stacey, RPh; Johnson, Martha, Lay MD; Lawson, Terry Allan, Lay MD; McKinley, Stephen, OD; Ross, Emily, Lay MD; Singleton, Sue, Fiscal; West, Jennifer, Lay DVM; Wilson, Grady, Lay DMD; Wright, Rita, Lay PE; Wright, Rosalie, Consumer;


Chaney, Reginald, PE; Dick, Rodney, Fiscal; Fallahzadeh, Hossein, MD; Guinn, Patty, RPh; Jasper, Bruce, DVM; Honorable Kelley, Steven; Muse, Jim, DMD; Perkins, Alvin, MD; Schleter, Harvey, OD; Shae, Tonya, MD; Wesley, James, Consumer; Whitis, Rebecca, RN;


Blankenship, Connie, Consumer; Cooper, Don, Lay PE; Dalton, Karen, RN; Garner, Mickey, Fiscal; Helm, Sherie, RPh; Jones, Stephanie, MD; Lee, Susanne, OD; Miles, Richard, MD; Popplewell, H. James, DMD; Honorable Robertson, Gary D.; Von Gruenigen, Holly, MD; Wade, C. Leslie, DVM;


Dixon, Jerome, MD; Durham, Dan, Consumer; Eastridge, Jay, RPh; Haley, Arthur, OD; Haliday, Lisa, RN; Hays, Phil, DVM; Hesson, David, MD; Phillips, Gayle, Fiscal; Richardson, Marlene, DMD; Rogers, Thomas, MD; Honorable Smith, Barry; Tungate, Greg, Lay PE;


Honorable Anderson, Mike; Breeding, William, DMD; Brown, Joseph, MD; Debord Weddle, Sarah, Lay MD; Edwards, Vesta, Lay DVM; Elam, Lora, RN; McFarland, Ronald, MD; Ramsey, Kenneth, Consumer; Sawyer, James, OD; Silvers, Joe, RPh; Turner, Ronnie, Fiscal; vacant, Lay PE;