imageHFA/HANDS is a volunteer educational program for new parents. It is available in every county throughout our ten county District.  HFA/HANDS is designed to assist all parents to become the best parents they can be.  Our specially trained staff present new parents with educational information on critical development areas during pregnancy and throughout the baby’s first two years of life.  The HFA/HANDS program is designed to assist parents in understanding child development, parenting skills and to assist with questions and concerns that new parents may have. HFA/HANDS will also assist with providing valuable information on other community health services and resources. HFA/HANDS is available to ALL parents!!!!

For more information: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services HFA/HANDS website.  You can also follow the state’s HFA/HANDS Facebook page at: Kentucky’s HANDS.

Comments from our families:
“I am writing in regard to the HANDS program in McCreary Co. KY. This program has been very helpful to me. I started seeing my worker Kim, shortly before the birth of my son.

Kim has been wonderful. I look forward to seeing Kim each week. There are things that just come second nature to a mother, then there are things you still need help with. That is where they come in at. Kim has become a part of my son’s life. She has been there for my son and I in so many ways. I thank God and the HANDS program for the friend we have in her.”
M.T., McCreary County

“I liked the HANDS program very much. It has helped me a lot in the development of my child. I learned of the changes that she was going through month to month. I don’t think the program needs to change anything. However I would like it to be longer than two years.”
Mayra, Wayne County

“I like HANDS program, as a first time mother, I have learned a lot about my baby, and the things I can do to help his well development.”
Mom for the first time, Wayne County

“HANDS has helped me when I needed someone to talk to or I doubted myself. You get lots of information. It’s kind of like having a class for having babies.”
K.D., Casey County

“Ruth has helped my family so much with her visits. My child will be two years old next month and I will miss the HANDS program very much - I wish Ruth could keep coming to see my family.”

“Ruth helps my family so much with her visits. The trust that she has in us and support she gives my family is really appreciated.”

“Father of baby tells Ruth how much she has helped the family. Family wants her to keep coming even after family exits program.”
Comments from Clinton County HANDS families

“The HANDS program in Green County has helped me to be the best mother I can. My home visitor encouraged my husband and I to do activities with our child, and by doing the HANDS activities we have become a close family. I am thankful for being involved in HANDS and would encourage others to participate in the program.”
HANDS family, Green County

“I have been in the HANDS program for about six months now and it is one of the best programs I have been in. They have helped me so much just with information and conversation. There are just days that a new mother just needs adult conversation. They have all the new information that is really helpful for new moms too! I would recommend this program to all new moms.”
J.C., Wayne County

“I like the HANDS program. It has helped us through the pregnancy and after the pregnancy. It has a lot of fun activities, and the parties are fun that they have at the health department.”
Wayne County

“For us, HANDS has been a wonderful program. I recommend that new moms (especially young mothers) enroll. I have learned ways to stimulate my child and look for possible delays. My home visitor had my child using skills that I thought he was not ready for. We made a can activity in which my child learned to insert lids. This helped him get ready to match shapes. I strongly recommend this program to new moms.”
L.H., Wayne County

“I love the HANDS program. I love how nice everyone has been to me and I would recommend this program to anyone who is going to have a child. Becky has been such a wonderful lady to me. She has also been very nice when I’ve forgotten my appointments and rescheduled them for me. I have learned so much on how to deal with things and I hope to be able to use these things in the future.”
C.R., Taylor County

“I’ve been in the HANDS program for about 10 months now and I love it. I’ve learned a lot about my baby by practicing some of the activities that are suggested through the program. My hand-on lady is Becky and sometimes Karen and I couldn’t ask for anyone sweeter. I feel so comfortable aqround them both. They make both me and my dauter so welcome. The HANDS programs, I think, is one of the best programs a yound new mother, or any mother at any age, could be a part of. I think i wouldn’t know my daughter as much without them. I know things to expect and stages she’ll go through, and some habits she’ll experience. I love the HANDS program.”
J.G., Taylor County

“If it hadn’t been for HANDS, I would have lost my mind. I think it should be a requirement for all new parents to have this program. HANDS has taught me alot. HANDS has helped me to know what it is to be a mom, and has taught me it’s not all about me, but all about them. Becky and Karen need to stay.”
M.W., Taylor County

“I have been in the HANDS program for a year now and I must say I love it. The information and new ideas are wonderful, and the employees are excellent caring people who truly love what they are doing. They are also very helpful if you have any questions. I’m glad that my son and I enrolled in the program, and I cherish and keep all the fun things we make together. Thanks so much for this program. I only wish she would have all the supplies that the program calls for so that we might be able to complete all of the activities.”
T.D., Taylor County