Vaping may seem like a safe alternative to smoking and something that many want to try. The truth is vaping is extremely dangerous to your health and can have very serious negative outcomes. Many consumers are unknowing to this and are caught in a cycle of use with e-cigs not knowing what they are using.

Various health officials, such as the CDC and Surgeon General, want to encourage everyone, especially teens and young adults, to avoid vaping. Vaping at a young age can cause damage to brain development, numerous health issues, and more. They have discovered that it can be as addictive as drugs such as heroin and cocaine and that preventing addictive habits is extremely important in the teenage years. Chemicals such as Nickel, Tin, and Lead have been found in e-cigs. All of which are extremely dangerous chemicals to inhale and be exposed to.

Parents are encouraged to talk with their teens about the dangers, and encourage them to quit if they are vaping. The parents are also encouraged to not vape and be an example for their teen. Some companies target teens by the flavors they make and the ads they produce. Parents should be aware that their teens could be more exposed to this industry and access to vaping than what they think. Unlike cigarettes, vaping can leave almost no smell behind, so the exposure and the ability to vape without being noticed is high. Schools are having a struggle with this as students can now get away with vaping and hide them in plain sight because of designs that look like USB sticks, pens, and other everyday items.

Please, read the various articles below for more info on how to stop, talk to your teen, and learn the dangers of vaping.