3 ONGOING SUPPORT (Agency Driven Activities and Education)


Worksite Wellness

your wellness is our mission!

The ultimate goal of a Worksite Wellness Program is to incorporate a focus on health within the daily fabric of an organization.  Ongoing Support and Education are vital in maintaining a culture of health.  Some organizations might find it beneficial to contract with our staff to help facilitate these activities.

If you decide to go it on your own, you might find the materials in our Worksite Wellness Resource Library helpful.

Potential Ongoing Support and Education

Program Evaluation

Our staff will evaluate existing programs, assist with implementing new programs, and work with your staff to streamline your worksite wellness programs for maximum efficiency.

Policy Development

Our staff will work with your staff to develop and implement policies to improve the health of your employees.

Environmental Supports

Our staff will assist in making the work environment conducive for optimal wellness for your employees.

Ongoing Health Promotion Programs

Our trained staff is available to lead health programs for your staff whether it be activity challenges, healthy eating programs, stress reduction programs, and weight loss programs. Our staff will also assist your business to utilize available community resources to benefit the health of your employees.

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