The Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan now offers a free online wellness program called go365, to all members 18 years of age and older.  This wellness and incentive program helps members enjoy a healthier and happier life. Participants are encouraged to log in to Livingwell.ky.gov to complete a simple health risk assessment and obtain a Biometric Check. The program offers rewards and web-based tools to help members plan and reach their lifestyle and fitness goals.

go365 has contracted with Lake Cumberland District Health Department to provide the Biometric Check free to its members.  The Biometric Check comprises of labs and biometric screenings (see below) which can be used to calculate the participant’s vitality age and develop a customized program to address any problem areas.  Biometric Checks include:

          • Lab Work:
o Total Cholesterol
o Ratio
o Triglycerides
o Glucose
          • Biometric Check Includes:
o Height
o Weight
o Blood Pressure
o Waist Measurement

Healthy Apple

Lab testing is performed on blood obtained from a finger stick, preferably after a 9 hour fast to assure accurate results.  These results will be available in approximately 10 minutes and will be recorded in an informational pamphlet which includes normal ranges and recommendations to reduce risk factors.  Participants will also receive one on one counseling and if necessary will be referred to their medical provider for further evaluation.

Participants can use on line tracking tools to view their progress toward achieving a healthier lifestyle.  Points can be earned by completing activities such as getting a Biometrict Check, working out, participating in a 5Kwalk/run, getting a flu shot or a blood pressure check. Even though children under 18 cannot participate in go365 they can earn points for their parents by getting their immunizations or joining a youth sports team. These points can be redeemed to purchase items from the go365 Mall.