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ADDRESSING NEEDS (Clinical Interventions)

Once your agency’s Screenings and Assessments are completed and analyzed, they can be utilized to customize a Worksite Wellness Program specifically targeting the unique needs of your personnel.  While Ongoing Support and Education will be the key to a sustainable Worksite Wellness Program, Addressing Needs identified by your screenings can actually “jump-start” your employees’ progress on the road to good health.  Our interventions are provided by qualified professionals (Diabetes Educators and Health Educators) utilizing the evidence based programs summarized below.

Potential Clinical Interventions Include


CPR & First AidCPR
The Lake Cumberland District Health Department provides CPR and First Aid classes using the American Heart Association training, education materials and certification (Certification lasts two years).



Diabetes Prevention Program

Staff at LCDHD are CDC registered providers of The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Change Program.  This is an evidence-based program for preventing type 2 diabetes.  Participants work with a lifestyle coach in a group setting to learn how to make lifestyle changes that can reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58% in people with pre-diabetes.


Freedom From Smoking (FFS) Cessation Program

The Freedom From Smoking (FFS) Cessation Program is ranked one of the top cessation programs in the country. The American Lung Association, Freedom From Smoking program has been helping people stop smoking for over 35 years. This smoking cessation program is one of the top ranked cessation programs in the country, with 51% success rate at the end of the program.

Our sessions are led by trained health educators who specialize in the Freedom From Smoking and have been providing smoking cessation classes for over 14 years across the Lake Cumberland District.


Personal Empowerment Plan

With the support of our staff, Personal Empowerment Plan (PEP) is a self-directed worksite program to promote healthy eating and moderate physical activity. Individual evaluations are provided to determine participates readiness for change.  The program materials include workbooks for healthy eating and physical activity targeting employees based on their particular readiness level to change.  A coordinator’s kit, promotional brochures, and posters are also included in the program.

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