Community Wellness

Your wellness is our mission!

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than making nutritional choices for meals and exercising. Our health is most determined by our community:  access to healthy foods, outdoor recreational activities, and how much the community values and teaches about health.  A big part of this effort is changing our schools, child care centers, health care clinics, and communities to make healthy habits the easy choices for families to make. We encourage everyone to play their part in making the Lake Cumberland District healthy.

Here are five ways we can improve health in our community:

1. Practice healthy habits with your family.

Make a commitment to health.  Serve a variety of colorful fruits and veggies, serve water to drink, and take an hour to play active games.

2. Engage in your school’s efforts to encourage healthy practices.

Schools become healthier when parents speak up. Seek opportunities to volunteer or join groups/committees at your child’s school or the school district. Encourage all fundraisers to have healthy options and encourage your child’s classroom celebrations to feature non-food treats or healthy alternatives. Ask your district about its local wellness policy that guides student health efforts and how you can help update it.

3. Learn more about the decisions local officials are making that impact your environment.

Many cities are considering proposals that focus on creating safe walking routes, playgrounds, walking trails, and other locations to exercise.

4. Give back healthy options to your community

Join a community garden or help harvest produce to donate to local food pantries. When donating to food pantries, make sure you’re giving healthy options, including low-sodium canned food. If you’re hosting an event, look into food rescue options for your leftovers–especially if you’re making your food choices healthy.

5. Seek out volunteer opportunities that engage kids.

Help encourage kids to spend less time on screens and more time getting exercise and reading. In the process, you’ll build social connections, which improves children’s mental health and well-being–and yours!

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