TLC Development Credits

Children’s Wellness:
your wellness is our mission!


The educational material contents for the TLC Project were decided upon by members of an LCDHD Committee appointed by the Executive Director.  The committee included many different LCDHD professionals including the Executive Director, Medical Director, Director of Nursing, Health Education Director, health education staff, nutritionists and various administrative staff.  Also on the committee were members from the Kentucky Department for Public Health and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Office.  A packet produced by The First 5 California Commission was used as a general guideline for the “at time of birth” materials in our program.  Once a draft program was agreed upon it was reviewed by a small number of pre-natal mothers from different socio-economic backgrounds in order to determine if the included materials were sufficient and useful from the perspective of expecting families.  The committee took into account heavily the recommendations from such when determining the composition of the final TLC materials.

The TLC Guide Booklets and TLC Video content was developed by the health department health education, medical nutrition, and clinical administration staff with consultative input from those mentioned in the preceding paragraph.  The team designed the curriculum to hinge on the topics of nutrition and physical activity, geared it toward key developmental milestones during a child’s physical development, and aspires it will address problem areas parents may face at each of their child’s particular developmental milestones.  A partnership was made with Duke University in regards to a comparable study called KAN-DO (Kids and Adults Now-Defeating Obesity).  This study is similar in ways to the TLC Project and the KAN-DO researchers have been willing to share their curriculum information and provide limited consultation.  The graphics and layout for the TLC Guide was contributed by Brand Avenue, Inc.  The videos and script was produced by Fleck Media, Inc.

During various phases in this process staff from the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, and the Department for Public Health have shared their expertise.  The University of Louisville has agreed to be a “non-biased” third party critic of various aspects of the TLC Project.