3rd Phase: 4-8 Months

Children’s Wellness:
your wellness is our mission!


TLC: 4 – 8 Months Video

Learn about proper nutrition for, fitness with, and how to nurture your baby.

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Important: Please print!

TLC: 4 – 8 Months Guide Booklet

Print and use this valuable guide to learn tips on how to help your child grow, learn and be healthy all the way to adulthood.


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Playing with your Child: Baby

Your baby needs to be active and play.  Learn activities appropriate for your baby.

Used with permission from the California Department of Public Health.

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Kentucky Infant Feeding Guide: 4-8 Months

Proper nutrition is vital your baby’s development.


Use the Bright Futures tile to download the “Infancy: 0-11 Months Tip Sheet” or visit the Bright Futures website.

Mom and Baby Workout

Exercise with your baby!

Consult with your physcian before beginning any exercise program.

TLC: Breastfeeding Video

Invest in the future: breastfeed your baby.  This relatively easy task will pay forward for many years to come.  Learn more at: Health Department Breastfeeding Services.


Expecting a baby?  Have a baby under one?  Get FREE text messages to keep you and baby healthy.  Text “BABY” to 511411.  Learn more at: text4baby.


Car Seats

Proper use of car seats helps keep children safe.  The type of seat your child needs depends on several things, including your child’s age, size and the type of vehicle you have.  Learn more at: Car Seat Information.

The links below lead to videos and resources to assist you at key milestones in your child’s development.

• Before Birth
• 0-4 Months
• 4-8 Months
• 8-12 Months
• 1st Year
• 2nd Year
• 3rd Year
• 4th Year
• 5th Year – Teen