Intervening with Teen Tobacco Users (TEG): 
A Positive Alternative to Suspension

This comprehensive, 8-session educational program is for students in grades 7-12 who don’t want to stop using tobacco. This may include teens who violate school policy or community ordinances on underage tobacco use. Many schools use Intervening With Teen Tobacco Users (TEG) as a positive alternative to suspension and juvenile courts as diversion.

They gain the knowledge, motivation, and action steps to move toward a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle. Participants are encouraged to reduce their tobacco use, quit on their own, or join a voluntary tobacco cessation program.

Helping Teens Stop Using Tobacco (TAP, 2nd Edition):
 A Step-by-Step, Voluntary Cessation Program for Teens

This award-winning, eight-session program provides tobacco-using teens in grades 7-12 with the information, motivation, and support to successfully stop using cigarettes or spit tobacco. In an adult-led, support group setting, tobacco users are gently guided to a personally selected quit date and provided with specific strategies to remain tobacco-free. Facilitators and peers provide the cessation options, guidance, and social support for the choices participants make as they design their own approach to becoming tobacco-free.