Preteen & Teen Health

preteensCommunication is the number one way to keeping your pre-teen and teen happy and healthy. Talking to your pre-teen and teen will open doors for both of you and strengthen your relationship. Start communicating with your pre-teen and teen about the life issues they are facing.  We know it can be hard to make time to talk with your son or daughter. That’s very true if you have to work a lot. But do the best you can. Give your son or daughter as much of your time as you can. Remember it’s not just talking. It’s being available for you pre-teen, or teen. One other thing, when you see your children do something right, tell them. They’ll be more likely to do it again.

Health Educators are strategically housed in each local health departments to mobilize communities toward healthier choices.  Click your county on the map to contact your Health Educator for questions about our programs and services.