Early pregnancy diagnosis is critical to the wellbeing of both the mother and child. Research has shown women who start prenatal care early in their pregnancy tend to have fewer complications and deliver healthier babies than women who delay or have inadequate prenatal care. It allows women to begin prenatal care during the most vulnerable stages of fetal development.

Prenatal services are provided by nurse practitioners and OB/GYN physicians. These services include a:

  • physical examination
  • lab tests
  • ultrasounds
  • nutrition counseling
  • education
  • delivery by contracted physicians
  • postpartum visits
  • perinatal home visits may be provided to high risk prenatal and postpartum women and infants

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department partners with local, state, and national organizations to improve the health of our community.  Click the links below to learn about some of the exciting programs and initiatives provided through the Lake Cumberland District Health Department.

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