New Home On-Site Sewage Disposal

Lake Cumberland District Health Department has developed this step-by-step guide to aid in the new home on-site sewage disposal procedure. Contact your local health department for more information.

New Home On-site Sewage Disposal Procedures Involving Environmental Services*

Step 1

Apply for onsite sewage disposal site evaluation with local Health Department.  $187.55 fee made payable to Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD). FLOOR PLAN TO BE SUBMITTED.

Step 2

Dig 2-4 test holes (backhoe pits) on your property in the proposed system area 42” deep, 50-100 feet apart.

  • Notify Health Department that test holes are dug.
  • Once soil is evaluated, system write-up and Temporary electric sticker will be issued to homeowner. (No Temporary for RV or Mobile Homes)

Step 3

Homeowner has certified septic installer apply for septic permit. $223.85 fee made payable to LCDHD. Detailed drawing required before permit is issued.

  • Plumbing inspector receives copy of septic permit releasing him to write a water permit.

Step 4

Septic is installed according to permit and Health Department notified upon installation.

  • Health Department inspects system and either approves or disapproves installation.
  • Upon approval, a Permanent electric sticker will be issued to homeowner.


* Variances and/or other modifications may be necessary upon site evaluation.