In his State of the Union Address in January of 2002, President Bush called for all Americans to donate 2 years or 4,000 hours over their lifetime in service to their communities.  In 2009, President Obama unveiled “United We Serve” and called for all Americans to commit to meaningful volunteer service in their daily lives.  At Lake Cumberland District Health Department we recognize the need for medical as well as non-medical volunteers and are working to create a strong volunteer force in the form of the Lake Cumberland District Medical Reserve Corps.

The need for trained supplemental healthcare professionals to assist with emergency operations was highlighted after the terrorist attacks of 2001 and the hurricanes of 2006.  Many medical and public health professionals sought to support emergency relief efforts, but there was no organized approach to channel their willingness to help.

The Lake Cumberland District Medical Reserve Corps (LCDMRC) program provides the structure necessary to deploy healthcare personnel in response to an emergency, as it identifies specific, trained, and credentialed individuals available and ready to respond to emergencies, thus saving valuable time.

When you become a member of the Lake Cumberland District Medical Reserve Corps, you become an identified professional resource.  If and when the LCDMRC is activated to respond to an event you will be notified when and where to respond.  Most of all you will make a difference in your community.

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