Diabetes Management Tools

Diabetes self-management can be overwhelming at times.  We have included tools that we hope will help you manage your self-care. Remember, we have free classes at the local health department –our goal is to help you learn to control your diabetes.  Please call the local health department and ask to speak to the diabetes educator for more information.  You may also register for our free classes at: 1-800-928-4416 Option 1158.

Blood Sugar Log

One great diabetes management tool is a Daily Blood Sugar Log.  Monitoring and recording your blood glucose results can help you identify how food you have eaten affects your glucose, how exercise affects your glucose, patterns of high and low readings, etc.

blood sugar

Food Log

We know that the foods we eat can affect our blood glucose levels.  Another great diabetes management tool is a Food Log.  Writing down the foods you eat can help you see which foods have the greatest impact on your blood sugar.  It can help you become more aware of the amount of food you eat as well.

Food Log