Data Analysis Committee

Data AnalysisThe Data Analysis Committee was formed with the goal of reviewing trended health data to determine any areas in Lake Cumberland where disease or poor health status stands out when compared to state and national data.  Once target areas are identified, recommendations are  made to the Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD) Executive and Quality Improvement Committee, where sub-committees are identified and tasked with the objective of developing action plans to address problem areas.

The Data Analysis Committee is comprised of the LCDHD Medical Director, Executive Director, Regional Epidemiologist, Preparedness Director, Environmental Director, and Health Policy and Promotion Director.

Minutes From The Data Analysis Committee Meetings

Data Analysis Minutes 20220426
Data Analysis Minutes 20220323
Data Analysis Minutes 20220128
Data Analysis Minutes 20200210
Data Analysis Minutes 20190821
Data Analysis Minutes 20190227
Data Analysis Minutes 20180627
Data Analysis Minutes 20180228
Data Analysis Minutes 20171018
Data Analysis Minutes 20161130
Data Analysis Minutes 20161019
Data Analysis Minutes 20160816

Minutes From The Campy/Salmonella QI Sub-committee

20170814 Campy Salmonella QI Sub-committee Minutes
20170417 Campy-Salmonella QI Sub-committee Minutes
20170320 Campy-Salmonella QI Sub-committee Minutes
20170306 Campy-Salmonella QI Sub-committee Minutes
20170202 Campy-Salmonella QI Sub-committee Minutes
20170110 Campy-Salmonella QI Sub-committee Minutes