Health Assessments, Analyses and Statistics

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    Annual Health Report Card, County Health Rankings and Data Analysis

    Health Report CardThe Health Report Card contain statistics and analysis for each county within the district and compares that information with District, State, National, and Healthy People goals.  Some statistics included in the report card are demographic information, economic information, birth and death data, infectious disease data, chronic disease data, etc.  Many of the data sets contain trend graphs to give a better overall picture of the burden of disease within our region. Also included are charts, tables and analyses of the County Health Rankings.

    Analysis of data is a process of inspecting and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. The analysis of Lake Cumberland’s health data contained within the Health Report Card and the County Health Rankings help drive our community health improvement efforts. Also, review the minutes from our Data Analysis Committee.

    CountCDCy-Level Information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    Find out some quick facts about your county as reported by the CDC: Information by Location


    Community Health Assessment


    Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) is a community-wide strategic planning process for improving public health.  The framework of MAPP assists communities in prioritizing public health issues, identifying resources for addressing them, and taking action to improve conditions that support healthy livening. The Health Policy and Promotion Branch facilitated the MAPP process across the ten counties, where over 150 community partners participated.  One result of this process is the 2020 Lake Cumberland District Community Health Assessments (LCDCHA) Booklet.  The assessment booklets, provides statistical information, community input, and environmental forces that determine a community’s health status, behaviors, and needs. The data compares statistics for each county to both the district and state.



    Community Health Assessment 2022 Addendum









    2014 2020 2022
    Community Health Assessment: Full Report Community Health Assessment: Full Report Community Health Assessment Addendum 2022
    Adair CHA Adair CHA Adair CHA
    Casey CHA Casey CHA Casey CHA
    Clinton CHA Clinton CHA Clinton CHA
    Cumberland CHA Cumberland CHA Cumberland CHA
    Green CHA Green CHA Green CHA
    McCreary CHA McCreary CHA McCreary CHA
    Pulaski CHA Pulaski CHA Pulaski CHA
    Russell CHA Russell CHA Russell CHA
    Taylor CHA Taylor CHA Taylor CHA
    Wayne CHA Wayne CHA Wayne CHA


    Other Community Health Assessments (CHAs):

    Community Health Improvement Plan

    Community Health Improvement PlanThe Lake Cumberland Community Health Improvement Booklet is a result of the MAPP process. Each county created a health improvement plan to guide their steps toward a healthy community. These improvement plans will be implemented over the next three years. The plans are driven by all the community health coalition partners, to improve the health status of a county it takes everyone within a county working together.





    County Health Ranking Videos