Board Orientation Materials

Use the links below to become familiar with various topics important for health boards.

  1. To review the LCDHD Mission and Vision Statement, see: Mission and Vision Statement.
  2. To read about NALBOH’s Governance Functions of Health Boards, see The Governance Functions of Health Boards.
  3. To review how our agency engages contemporary and cutting edge public health practice models, see: About Us.
  4. To review all Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRSs) and Administrative Regulations (ARs) and other laws which govern Kentucky health departments, see KRSs and KARs that Govern KY Health Departments.  Specifically, 902 KAR 8:150; Section C details the “functions of the board”.
  5. To learn the distinctions between the Local and District Board of Health, see Local versus District Board of Health.
  6. To view other Board Members, see District and Local Boards of Health Members.
  7. To access additional orientation presentations, see:
  8. To read about some of the programmatic and staffing impacts due to the down-turn in the economy, see NACCHO: Forces of Change.
  9. To review Board Member responsibilities and functions, see the Department for Public Health’s Administrative Reference section on Boards of Health.
  10. To read about the “Winnable Public Health Battles” as identified by the Centers for Disease Control, see: “Winnable Public Health Battles”.  To read a progress report on the “Winnable Public Health Battles”, see Progress Report.
  11. To learn about the core competencies of public health staff, see Core Competencies.
  12. To learn about the Ten Essential Services of Public health, see Ten Essential Services.
  13. To learn more about local health department strategic planning, see LCDHD’s Strategic Plan.
  14. To review the Board’s Code of Ethics, see Board of Health Code of Ethics.
  15. To review the Board’s By-Laws, see District Board of Health By-laws.
  16. To review the Local Board of Health Toolkit, see Local Board of Health Toolkit.
  17. To review the history of the Lake Cumberland District Health Department and each of its member counties, see: Locations, and click the “History” link beneath each section.  You may also use the contact information on the “Locations” page to contact your local Office Manager to arrange a building tour.
  18. To review the agency’s service array, click: Services, and use the sub-links from there.
  19. To review the agency staff by discipline/profession, use this link, Reports.  From there, click the latest Annual Report, and see the last few pages.  Besides the Annual Report, this page also contains Audit Reports, Financial Statements etc.
  20. To see minutes from previous Board Meetings, click: Board Minutes.