Página de Recursos para el Bienestar en el Trabajo

We hope you find the following resources helpful as you pursue improved health in your worksite. Included are tools designed to motivate your workforce toward engaging in healthy activities along with some additional resources you can utilize around your workplace.

Health Assessment: How Healthy Are You?

Health Assessment Tool: Use Our Free Health Calculator and Wellness Profile Tool to Assess Your General Wellbeing

General Activities: Encourage Your Staff to Get Moving!

Use the Stairs

30/30 Challenge: 30 Minutes of Intentional Activity for 30 Days

Cornhole: Have Fun and Move

Get Moving: Use The Move! Weight Management Program Website to Promote More Movement

Use the Stairs: Signs and Messages to Encourage Extra Steps

Healthy Habit Challenge: A Fun Challenge to Encourage Better Diet and Fitness

Holiday Health Challenge: Stay Trim During the Holidays!

Walk Across America: Encourage Your Staff to Walk!

Recursos Adicionales

Amamamiento en el Trabajo

Las normas de amamamiento en el lugar de trabajo apoyan a las empleadas en proveer a su niño con la comida más sana posible.

Alimentación Saludable en el Trabajo y en CasaBreastfeeding Policy

Tomar decisiones saludables por aumentar de porciones de frutas y verduras, así como elegir opciones bajas en grasa cuando sea posible puede tener beneficios significativos para la salud.

Physical Activity at the Workplace and Home

Increasing our physical activity can be a challenge at times, but the health benefits definitely make it worthwhile!

Tobacco Cessation at the Workplace and HomeTobacco Cessation

Tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of death. Think about quitting today!

Worksite Wellness Resources

Wellness NC Toolkit

Use these resources from the WorkWell North Carolina Toolkit (used with permission).

Health Observation Months

Don’t forget to observe these special, health focused dates on your calendar.