Employee of the Month Awards for 2015

December – Loretta Burke, Donna Farrington and Rhonda Strunk, McCreary Donna, Loretta and Rhonda were awarded for volunteering their time to deliver 225 holiday meals across 125 miles of travel. November – Jane Jones, Russell Jane was awarded for assisting the Epidemiology Department by completing an eight page, time-sensitive questionnaire while other staff were unavailable. October – Beth Collins, Russell Beth was awarded for providing excellent training to her peers, and for all the extra effort she put into helping a needy family secure assistance with living and holiday expenses. September – Jonathan Dye, Russell Jonathan was awarded for taking off work to accompany […]

Employee of the Month Awards for 2014

December – Mike Cash, McCreary Mike was selected for keeping the generator going until 1:00 in the morning after the electricity went out, thus saving our refrigerated vaccines. November – Ann Stevens, District Ann was selected for securing donations from local businesses as incentives, and for providing extra encouragement to staff for our agency worksite wellness program. October – Jackie Brendel, District Jackie was awarded for her dedication to her job even during cancer treatments. September – Melanie Richardson, Pulaski Melanie was awarded for, though not a part of her job requirements, putting much extra effort into helping one family with particularly needful circumstance […]

Employee of the Month Awards for 2013

December – Donna Farington, Loretta Burke, and Linda Dobbs, McCreary Donna, Loretta and Linda volunteered their time on November 23rd to drive over 200 miles around McCreary County delivering 178 Thanksgiving meals prepared by the Crossroads Ministries. November – Jelaine Harlow, Adair Jelaine was awarded for all the extra effort she put into helping make the Adair County Schools tobacco free. October – Carol Lane, District Carol was awarded for working extra hard covering for several of her staff who were off with medical conditions. September – Angie Simpson, District Angie was awarded for covering for two of her peers while off sick and […]