Sue Taylor Employee of the Month June 2022

Sue Taylor was named the June 2022 Employee of the Month for Lake Cumberland District Health Department. Sue is the Clerk Supervisor/Office Manager in Green County. Her nomination was for going above and beyond to help a patient with a cancer diagnosis get the medication she needed. This required many extra phone calls and effort on Sue’s part to accomplish the task. We are very thankful for Sue and the LCDHD staff who put in the extra effort and provide the very best care possible in all circumstances on a daily basis. Pictured L to R:  Angie Simpson, Administrative Services Manager; Sue […]

Freda Doss Employee of the Month May 2022

Freda Doss was named the May 2022 Employee of the Month. Freda works in the HANDS program in Clinton and Cumberland Counties. Her nomination was for going above and beyond to help a HANDS child get appropriate referrals for intervention for developmental delays that were noticed during screenings. HANDS visits have been done virtually during the pandemic and this presents many challenges for the HANDS staff. We are very thankful for Freda and the other HANDS ladies who have prioritized their families and made sure they provide the very best care possible in all circumstances. Pictured (L-R):  Jessica Arterburn, Team Leader for HANDS program; Freda Doss, LHN 2 […]

Shannon Matthews awarded Employee of the Month for April 2022

Shannon Matthews was awarded Employee of the Month for April 2022.   She was nominated for going above and beyond to help a co-worker get some time-sensitive documents scanned and accessible on the server during the email update a few weeks ago. This saved the staff member time and travel to hand deliver these documents to the district office so they could be billed within the acceptable time frame. Pictured (L-R):  Angela Simpson, Administrative Services Manager; Shannon Matthews, Support Services Supervisor; and Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director.

Lisa Anderson named Employee of the Year 2021

Lisa Anderson was awarded Employee of the Year 2021.  She has worked tirelessly, going above and beyond on numerous occasions as well as taking on additional responsibilities due to the COVID response. I will say that this year (as well as 2020) has been much more difficult than normal to select this winner due to how exceptionally ALL health department staff have responded with grace and effort under the demands of the pandemic. L-R: Laura Woodrum, Director of Nursing; Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director; Lisa Anderson, Adm. Secretary; Dr. Weyman, Medical Director

Kathy Barber named Employee of the Month for March 2022

Kathy was actually nominated twice for two different situations. One was a testimonial from a HANDS parent who sang her praises and thanked her for her services and kindness. The second nomination was from a co-worker who Kathy helped when the co-worker was involved in a scary and very inconvenient traffic accident. Kathy has demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond for her families and friends numerous times. Please join me in congratulating Kathy! Well done! Pictured L-R:  Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director; Kathy Barber, FSW 3; Amy Piercy, LHN 4.

Michelle Wesley named Employee of the Month for February 2022

Michelle Wesley was recently named the February 2022 Employee of the Month. Her nomination was for going above and beyond by helping the IT department with some technical support outside of her HANDS duties. In fact, Michelle is so helpful and good with technology, the IT guys have referred to her as the “unofficial” fourth member of the IT team!  Michelle is always kind and helpful and willing to go out of her way for others. Pictured L – R:  Amy Piercy, LHN Team Leader; Michelle Wesley, SSSA 2; Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director; Sylvia Ferrell, Nurse Administrator.

Vicky Albertson named Employee of the Month January 2022

Vicky Albertson was recently named the January 2022 Employee of the Month. Her nomination was for going above and beyond in helping LCDHD get full CDC recognition of the DPP Program (one of only 7 health departments in this state with this distinction). Vicky goes the extra mile for her diabetes groups and classes by creating videos, developing games and challenges and being an individual coach for her participants. She has worked extra hard to maintain participation during the move to the virtual world. Pictured L to R: Jamie Lee, Wellness Outreach and Education Coordinator; ; Vicky Albertson, LHN3 ; and […]

Norma Trull selected as Employee of the Month for December 2021

Norma Trull was selected as Employee of the Month for December 2021 for taking on extra work to distribute/transfer Pfizer vaccine to other district sites as well as spending an hour of her time after work one evening to help a coworker who had car trouble get their vehicle to the repair shop and then get home. Pictured L to R:  Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director; Norma Trull, Nurse Supervisor in Pulaski Co; and Laura Woodrum, Director of Nursing.

Dustin Smith chosen as November 2021 Employee of the Month

Dustin Smith was selected for November 2021 Employee of the Month due to his quick response by dropping everything and assisting with an identified problem with the COVID daily reporting program. Pictured L to R:  Ron Cimala, Director of Administrative Services; Dustin Smith, IT Network Specialist;  Amy Tomlinson, Executive Director; and Chris Kingsley, IT Network Specialist.