Governor’s Proposed Budget Adds Over 30 Million Dollars in Liabilities to Local Health Departments

If passed by the State Legislature, the Governor’s draft of the 2018-2019 budget passes over 38 million dollars in retirement contributions to local health departments. The Lake Cumberland District Health Department’s (LCDHD’s) share of this is over 2 million dollars! Over the last few years, state and federal funding cuts and increases in expenses have already resulted in the LCDHD reducing its staff size from over 300 to around 160 full-time employees. An additional 2.2 million dollar increase in retirement liabilities could mean that 35% to 50% more of our staff could lose their jobs, severely reducing our capacity to […]

2018 Wellness Promotion

Would you like a chance to win a $1,000.00* (see terms below) cash incentive just for taking a few minutes to learn more about your health status and how to improve your general fitness and overall well-being? Fill out your wellness profile today! At the end of the profile, you will be given a chance to enter your name into the contest. Even if you entered our 2017 contest, you are welcome and encouraged to enter this contest. You may view our previous winners here: view our past winners! After completing a health questionnaire, developed by a team of experts at the Lake […]

Cumberland News Release: Flu and Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

As you may be aware, flu season is here and we are experiencing widespread flu activity across the Lake Cumberland area, including Cumberland County.  Cumberland County residents are also seeing an increase in Pertussis (“Whooping Cough”) cases at this time.  The Lake Cumberland District Health Department and the Cumberland County and Burkesville City Governments want you to know how to protect yourself from illness. Both Pertussis and Influenza are vaccine preventable diseases.  It is strongly encouraged for all residents to make sure they are current and up-to-date on their vaccines.  If you are not sure or need to schedule an […]

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a potentially deadly bacterial infection that can strike at any age, but is particularly dangerous for babies. The sounds of pertussis are like no other, marked by a “whoop” made when gasping for breath after a severe coughing attack. Listen below (or follow this link: the sound of whooping cough). More than 50% of babies with reported cases of pertussis must be hospitalized. Coughing can be so severe that it is hard for babies to eat, drink or breathe. Pertussis is vaccine preventable. Please check with your local healthcare provider to make sure […]

January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month and January 7-13 is Folic Acid Awareness Week

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department is joining the  Kentucky Department for Public Health, the National Birth Defects Prevention Network and the March of Dimes to raise awareness of birth defects and to promote strategies that reduce the risk of birth defects and their complications. We hope that you will join us in promoting National Birth Defects Prevention Month!  This year’s theme is “Prevent to Protect: Prevent Infections for Baby’s Protection”. We know that not all birth defects can be prevented. However, we encourage all women to make healthy choices and adopt healthy habits to help lower their risk of […]

“Give me a Reason” Initiative: Free Drug Testing Kits to Parents for Their Teens

Attention McCreary, Pulaski and Wayne counties. The “Give Me a Reason” drug prevention initiative is a voluntary drug testing program designed as a way for youth to avoid peer pressure and give them a reason to say NO to drug use. When confronted with drugs, this initiative will give youth an opportunity to say, “I can’t use drugs, my parents drug test me.” “Give Me A Reason” will provide free saliva-based drug testing kits to parents or caregivers. The non-invasive test is then given within the privacy of your home with results in approximately 10 minutes. These tests kits are […]

Opioid Crisis Response

From the Rural Health Opioid Program Grant, to HIV and Hepatitis C testing, to our Syringe Exchange Programs and Naloxone Clinics, the Lake Cumberland District Health Department is taking an active role in facing the Opioid crisis that has befallen our district.  Learn more by watching the informative video below.

Opioid-Use Disorder Prevention Grant Announcement

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD) is pleased to announce it has received a $249,963 per year grant for three years from the Department of Health and Human Services Administration (HRSA) for their 10-county service area. HRSA awards grants through a competitive application and review process. The award will fund the work of The Lake Cumberland Opioid-Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment consortium (Dr. Larry Oteham, Pulaski County Detention Center, The Adanta Group) whose efforts will focus on improving health outcomes and reducing morbidity and mortality related to Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). The service area will include ten rural Kentucky […]

Facebook Contest: Know Your Neighbor

Facebook CONTEST – Like the LCDHD FB page at, share and comment on this post for a chance to win a mosquito repellent lantern. Winner randomly drawn/announced on Monday, September 18. #PrepareAthon discover activities to keep you and your neighbors safe: #LCDHDprepared