Wayne County Health and Recreation Promotion

Wayne County just concluded a health and recreation promotion which encouraged citizens to get out and visit health and recreation opportunties in their beautiful county. Though the promotion is over, we would still encourage folks to get out and get moving and visit these wonderful locations. You can find them here Health and Recreation Locations in Wayne County. The Winners Caleb Neal, winner of a pontoon rental donated by Conley Bottom.   Sarah Troxell, winner of a cash prize donated by Beaver Creek Resort   Heather Lewis, winner of a cash prize donated by Monticello Banking Company   Susan Dobbs,winner […]

Yard Sale Guidance for Healthy at Work Procedures

Social Distancing Requirements All individuals in the yard sale must be able to maintain six (6) feet of space from all people who are not member of their household. Yard sales should limit entry into their booth/area to a number that is still possible to maintain current social distancing requirements of six (6) feet. If a yard sale has reached capacity, it should permit a new customer entry only after a previous customer has left the premises on a one-to-one basis.  Yard sale booths should establish a safe means for customers to await entry, such as asking them to remain […]

Guidance for Places of Worship: Church Ruling and COVID-19

We are aware of the court’s ruling that churches can resume in-person meetings. It is our position that spiritual health is important and constitutionally protected. It is also our position that the health of our citizens is of great importance. We would discourage churches resuming services without taking aggressive public health protective precautions. Click here for Guidance for Places of Worship. Also, click here to see the Governor’s Revised Mass Gathering Executive Order. Don’t forget that we had a significant COVID-19 exposure in an area Lake Cumberland Church during the month of March. This resulted in 15 church-related confirmed COVID-19 […]

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department COVID-19 Departmental Operations Team

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department COVID-19 Departmental Operations Team consists of myself, Shawn D. Crabtree. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Public Administration and nineteen years of experience working solely in public Health. I am the Incident Commander. A partial list of my team, who is currently working the COVID-19 situation fulltime, with whom I consult and work with daily, include: A Medical Director, Doctor Christine Weyman, who has 28 years of public health experience. A Medical Operations Chief, my Director of Nursing, Laura Woodrum, who has 17 years of public health […]

LCDHD COVID-19 Response: Why We Do What We Do

Why do we release the information that we release? Why do we keep repeating the message to: social distance, avoid crowds, cover your cough, stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face? Since COVID-19 is wide-spread and community-spread (you should assume people you meet have it), this is the absolute best message possible to keep as many people as safe as possible. Why don’t we release the names positive COVID-19 cases? Patient information is protected by HIPAA to preserve individual health privacy. Why don’t we release the names of businesses where confirmed cases work? […]

202000410 Update on COVID-19 Situation at Summit Manor in Adair County

Update to the notes below: the total number of residents tested positive for COVID-19 now stands at 30. The total number of staff stands at 7 (five of those are Adair citizens, one from Clinton and one from Russell). Through 4/8/20, Adair County had a total of 9 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Six of those were residents at Summit Manor Nursing Home, owned by Signature Healthcare, and one was a staff member (two other staff members also tested positive but are residents of neighboring counties). Two positive cases were not related to Summit Manor. The positive staff members were isolated at […]

20200408 Public Health Week During the COVID-19 Outbreak

All, During this Public Health Week, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to my employees who are working tirelessly day after day in our COVID-19 response. I can remember no other time when the absolute value of public health and the local health departments have been so obvious. Before COVID-19, a few of the things my professional and support staff worked to accomplish every day were to stop the spread of disease; to ensure the hygiene of restaurants, pools, and hotels; to provide various health education programs to teens and those with Diabetes; promoted public health policy; worked with […]

20200408 COVID-19 Media and Public Update

Today, and every Wednesday at 2:30 EST/1:30 CST, the LCDHD will provide a live media and public update. All local media is participating live, and we simulcast this live on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/LCDHDPublicHealth. Please “subscribe” to our YouTube channel and “like” our Facebook page. Here is the link to today’s broadcast. Here is a written version of the questions and answers.

Lake Cumberland Citizens: We Need Your Help

Call to Action Citizens of the Lake Cumberland Area…Our district is in desperate need of personal protective equipment. If you have the following, please drop them off at your local health department (to be divided out to community partners as needed): Surgical gowns Medical face shields Surgical masks N-95 masks Also, if you have the desire and ability to help, the following could use donations of homemade cloth masks. Don’t drop these off at the local health department. Instead, reach out to the following to see if they could use your help and follow any instructions they provide. School staff […]

Live COVID-19 Updates from the Lake Cumberland District Health Department

Today and every Wednesday at 2:30 EST/1:30 CST for the next several weeks, LCDHD plans on meeting with all area members of the media via live internet interaction to answer media submitted questions from the previous week. To keep the public informed, we will simulcast this via our YouTube Channel at  https://www.youtube.com/c/LCDHDPublicHealth. If you have time and interest, we encourage you to watch.