Quality Improvement

Click here to review our Quality Improvement Plan. Also, click on the images below to zoom in on and view the various Story Boards that outline some of our improvement efforts.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Process 2023/01/05

WIC Transition Storyboard 2022/11/04

WIC Transition Storyboard 2022/11/04

WIC Transition Storyboard 2022/11/04

Diabetes Project Storyboard 2022/08/22

Diabetes Project Storyboard 2022/08/22

Environmental Online Food Handler’s Certification Course Storyboard 2021/06/29

Environmental Online Food Handler's Certification Course Storyboard 2021/06/29

HANDS Promotion Storyboard 2021/06/29

HANDS Promotion Storyboard 2021/06/29

WIC Retention Storyboard 2020/03/04

WIC Retention Story 2020/03/04

Environmental Deposits Storyboard 2020/01/29

Environmental Deposits Storyboard 2020/01/29

Bell Elementary CATCH Initiative Storyboard 2019/08/08

Bell Elementary CATCH Initiative Storyboard 2019/09/04

Meece Middle CATCH Initiative Storyboard 2019/08/08

Meece Middle Catch Initiative Storyboard

Electronic Evaluation Storyboard 2019/06/13

Electronic Evaluation Storyboard

Clinic Clerical Process Storyboard: 2018/08/29

Clinic Clerical Process

Electronic Accounts Payable Process Storyboard: 2018/08/03

Electronic Accounts Payable

Salmonella & Campylobacter Storyboard: 2018/02/16


HANDS Electronic Family Record (FMR) Storyboard: 2017/03/08


Worksite Wellness Storyboard: 2017/03/01


Same Day Scheduling Storyboard: 2017/02/01


Grants Management Storyboard: 2016/11/07

Grants Management

MCHD Immunization Rate Project Storyboard: 2016/09/12

McCreary County QI Project to Increase Immunization Ratesd

Insurance Billing Process Storyboard: 2016/08/10

Insurance Billing Process Storyboard

Environmental Fee Collections Storyboard: 2015/10/30

Environmental Fee Collections Storyboard

Cell Phone Stipend Storyboard: 2015/10/08

Cell Phone Stipend Storyboard

Employee Satisfaction Surveys Storyboard: 2015/10/05

Employee Satisfaction Survey Storyboard

Forms to Wiki Storyboard: 2015/05/07

Forms to Wiki QI Storyboard

Vendor Log Storyboard: 2015/02/23

Vendor Log QI Storyboard