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Emerging Public Health Initiatives: The CDC HI-5

The CDC Hi-5 is a list of interventions published by the Centers for Disease Control which have a high potential to render positive health benefits within five years.  These interventions are divided into those that “change context” and those that “address social determinants of health“.

As far is changing context, in terms of School-based Programs to Increase Physical Activity, in a limited capacity, we engage School Wellness Committees. We participate and attend these meetings where we share and encourage more physical activity integration into the classrooms. We advocate for this on an ongoing basis.

Relative to Safe Routes to School, we discuss this with our schools when opportunities present. Some of our schools are focused on such and seek funds to expand these programs.

Regarding Tobacco Control Interventions, from a community perspective, we are very engaged.  We educate continually in our schools and communities. As the smoke-free advocacy groups (Smoke-free Kentucky) rally on legislative issues, we seek local community support.  We also focus on smoke-free restaurants, workplaces, and schools. We utilize and promote mass media campaigns and advocate for comprehensive some-free laws.

From a clinic perspective, we refer patients to Freedom from Smoking and to the 1-800 Kentucky Quitline.  We also utilize some of our Maternal Child Health funds for a SCRIPTS program for pregnant women who are interested in quitting smoking.

From an agency perspective, we have tobacco-free facilities and grounds, and offer smoking cessation classes for our employees.

In an effort to curb the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C, we are beginning to roll-out syringe exchange programs in our communities, increasing Access to Clean Syringes.

Relative to Multi-Component Worksite Obesity Prevention, we offer a worksite wellness program to our employees, the W.O.W. program, which includes a free Go365 screening for employees who have one of our  KEHP insurance plans.  We also offer and market a robust worksite wellness program to businesses in our communities.

In terms of social determinants, over 96% of Kentucky’s citizens are on a Fluoridated Water supply.

Relative to Early Childhood Education, our Childcare Health Consultant (CCHC) program is engaged with Childhood Councils across our 10 county district. We focus on safety, nutrition and physical activity programs in the childcare settings.

Through our environmental division, we engage in activities that, at least indirectly, help in the area of Home Improvement Loans and Grants. We work with both the USDA and the PRIDE program, which are both federally funded to provide either low interest loans or grants to repair failing septic systems. We also provide information to homeowners about abatement radon and mold. Our district is in a high radon area, and mold is also a significant problem, especially in older homes.