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Emerging Public Health Initiatives: The CDC 6/18 Initiative

Uncover the synergy between emerging public health initiatives and the impactful CDC 6/18 Initiative. Dive into innovative strategies that bridge the gap between healthcare and community, propelling positive health outcomes and paving the way for a healthier future.

The CDC 6|18 imitative targets six common and costly health conditions – tobacco use, high blood pressure, healthcare-associated infections, asthma, unintended pregnancies, and diabetes – and, initially, 18 proven specific interventions. The number of interventions may fluctuate over time. Learn more about these interventions at the CDC 6|18 Website.

The CDC 6/18 Initiative

While the Lake Cumberland District Health Department either directly or indirectly engage in many of these interventions, funding restrictions limit our efforts. We continue to be on the watch for grant funds that we might expand some programs/initiatives.  Also, there is much room for advocacy to promote appropriate funding for and the expanded use of these interventions both within the health department and other appropriate healthcare settings.

As far as Reducing Tobacco UseLCDHD provides Freedom From Smoking Classes and promotes the Kentucky Quitline. In terms of our internal Employee Wellness Program, we provide free access to smoking cessation classes. We also promote smoking cessation classes through our clinics and external worksite wellness programs.

In regards to removing barriers that impedes the coverage of cessation treatment, local Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) Boards assist with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for our cessation programs. Also, some work sites have provided the NRT in the past as we implemented cessation programming. Additionally, Quit Now Kentucky provides assistant with NRT for participants.

In terms of promotion, Kentucky has now passed a law where all health insurance plans will provide NRT.

Relative to the Control of High Blood Pressure, we measure blood pressure and offer appropriate counseling in our clinics and as part of our worksite wellness endeavors. Additionally, a recent initiative in which we engaged was the Cardiac, Assessment, Risk Reduction and Education (CARE) Collaborative where we partnered with local health care providers to implement a blood pressure awareness program. Finally, we also provide free access blood pressure machines in the lobbies of all of our clinics that the public can utilize anytime during office hours.

In relation to the Control of Asthma, we discuss such in conjunction with our tobacco and secondhand smoke education.

With regard to Preventing Unintended Pregnancy, we provide contraceptives and counseling during our Family Planning Clinics, provide free condoms to the public, and promote abstinence in our local schools utlizing the Making a Difference and Reducing the Risk curriculums.

In respect to the Control and Prevention of Diabetes, we are a provider of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). We also test for glucose when performing the LivingWell screenings and refer anyone with abnormal results to their health care provider and into the DPP. We also provide general diabetes counseling in our clinics.