52 Weeks to Health: Week 7, Heart Disease

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February is Heart Disease Awareness Month

Are you at risk for Heart Disease? 

February has been designated as the month to show that special someone how much you love them.   One of the best ways you can do that is to know if you are at risk for Heart Disease.  Some risk factors for heart disease can be controlled by you while other cannot.   A few of the uncontrollable risk factors are things you should be aware of such as: family history, age, and race.  Some risk factors that you do have control of are: being tobacco free, being physically active, having a healthy diet, and knowing your normal blood pressure. Making these heart healthy changes can reduce your risk for heart disease.

So love yourself and that special person by making healthy lifestyle choices.

It is important to point out that Kentucky is one of the unhealthiest states in our nation; but, a few healthy lifestyle choices could change this. First, eating normally proportioned helpings of nutritious foods including at least five fruits and vegetables a day can lower weight and reduce heart disease and diabetes. Second, exercising about 30 minutes per day can lower blood pressure. Third, avoiding the use of tobacco products can reduce several types of cancer. Finally, making sure you get your needed preventive screenings can detect diseases early and greatly increase your chances for a positive health outcomes, while receiving your recommended vaccinations can prevent acquiring disease in the first place.