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LCDHD is currently operating in Phase 1a of our COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. This includes vaccines for healthcare workers and first responders. We are not pre-registering for future vaccination phases at this time, as vaccines are not readily available. Please follow the LCDHD website at and the LCDHD social media sites such as Facebook for details about future vaccine availability once additional vaccine is received.

COVID-19 Vaccination Phases

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14 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Alert

  1. will you send out the vaccine to other places or just at health department for phase 1c and will you need a appointment ?
    (as in Kroger, CVS)

    1. We aren't sending out vaccine. The State Department of Public Staff is deciding what vendors will receive the vaccine and in what quantities. When vaccine is available, the drug companies send the order straight to the providers. The local health department has not other say in the matter.

      1. i just checked the state web site and they are saying they ship to local health dept. then it allotted to other providers, so have you requested vaccine for for 1C

        1. We haven't even been approved to order Phase 1b. There are 4 million people in Kentucky and around 50,000 doses of vaccine coming in per week.

    1. Just read our Daily Briefs and social media. We will announce this as soon as we know.

  2. I am a 68 year old male with COPD and heart problems. When and most importantly where will I go to receive my vaccine? Will I be notified where to call to get an appointment for the vaccine

    1. You will be in Phase 1c. We aren't out of 1a yet. Just watch our website and social media for the latest updates.

  3. When we get vaccine for the 70 plus group, it will most likely be by appointment because we will have less supply than there will be demand.

  4. Called your office on Firiday to check on status of vaccine I am 80 years old I was told there was no vaccine on hand also I could not on a waiting list .how do you contact people when the shot are on hand also how do you know number you having waiting

  5. The Russell County Hospital Director, on wjrs-wjky radio this morning, said they had one hundred shots of vaccine ready for shots. He said they were giving 70 of those shots to medical personnel and 30 shots were going to people over seventy who had underlying conditions who were on a list! I am 82 with copd, I also have had kidney cancer and lost a kidney and have kidney problems. My wife has had by-pass surgery and six stints. If there is a list for folks such as us, where is it? How do we get on it? Who has it? I know there are people who need the shots more than us as it should be! But we deserve some answer> Please respond!!!

    1. The hospital is getting their own supply of vaccine. How they schedule is entirely up to them. We will not be keeping any sort of master list for all community providers. Keep in mind, the hospital is using some left-over Phase 1a vaccine to do this. As far as I know, no one has been authorized to order Phase 1b vaccine yet.

  6. according to the governors briefing today. Ky has received 325,625 doses
    190,547 vaccines have been given, of these 31,158 were for long term care & staff.
    That leaves 135,078 doses somewhere? With the death rate being what it is shouldn't these be used?

    1. I can't speak for anywhere but Lake Cumberland. The health departments have basically used all of our doses. I also think all the area hospitals have used all of their doses. So, Lake Cumberland isn't the problem. Yes, they should use them.

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