Public Information Brief 10.22.20 9:00 PM EDT

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To help answer questions, the Kentucky Department of Public Health has created a toll-free hotline: COVID-19 Hotline (800) 722-5725

News Release Version

Lake Cumberland District Daily COVID-19 Case Summary

Statewide Testing Positivity Rate: 5.3%.

Deaths: We are sad to report 1 new death today from Adair. We have experienced a total of 80 deaths resulting in a 2.05% mortality rate among known cases. This compares with a 1.5% mortality rate at the state level, and a 2.66% morality rate at the national level. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families and friends who have lost loved ones.

Hospitalizations: We presently have 26 cases in the hospital. This is equal to yesterday. The most hospitalizations we have had at any one time was 33 on 09/02/2020. We have had a total of 308 hospitalizations resulting in a 7.88% hospitalization rate among known cases. The state hospitalization rate is 7.33%. The latest state data shows that 69.95% of ICU beds and 28.89% of ventilator capacity are being utilized.

Total (Cumulative) Cases: The Lake Cumberland District has experienced a total of 3,908 cases since the onset of the outbreak. This means that 1.87% of our total population have been a confirmed case. However, we do not know how many additional people may have had COVID-19 and were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and never tested.

Released (Not contagious) Cases: We released 39 cases today from isolation. Released cases include: Adair: 8; McCreary: 1; Pulaski: 4; Russell: 6; Taylor: 14; and, Wayne: 6. In all, we have released 85.2% of our total cases.

Active (Current) Cases: We added 40 more cases today than we released historic cases. Taking all things into account, this leaves us with 498 active cases in our district across all 10 of our district’s 10 counties. On 10/22/2020 we were at our peak number of active cases, 498.

Where are Cases Tied to: The most common areas to where we are seeing cases tied are (in descending order): Businesses, Schools, Places of Worship, and Medical Facilities.

New Cases: We report that our total case count has increased by 80 today: Adair: 15; Casey: 1; Clinton: 4; Cumberland: 6; Green: 3; McCreary: 8; Pulaski: 8; Russell: 12; Taylor: 17; and, Wayne: 6. Our current new case growth rate is: 1.016. This means our total case count is projected to double every 43.75 days. The most new cases we ever added in a single day was on 10/22/2020 when we added 80 cases. Today’s new cases include:

Adair: A 75-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 15-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 20-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 70-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 45-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 7-year-old female who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Adair: A 78-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 86-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 30-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 44-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 43-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 17-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 52-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Adair: A 75-year-old male who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Adair: A 77-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Casey: A 60-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Clinton: A 28-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Clinton: A 24-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Clinton: A 81-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Clinton: A 70-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Cumberland: A 16-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Cumberland: A 15-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Cumberland: A 62-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Cumberland: A 92-year-old female who is hospitalized, still symptomatic
Cumberland: A 30-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Cumberland: A 12-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Green: A 31-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Green: A 59-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Green: A 67-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 39-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 5-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 9-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 2-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 41-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 28-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 41-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
McCreary: A 2-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 46-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 27-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 18-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 35-year-old male who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Pulaski: A 25-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 33-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 26-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Pulaski: A 73-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 22-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 29-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 69-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 7 months-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 15-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 64-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 46-year-old female who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Russell: A 51-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 86-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 30-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 28-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Russell: A 76-year-old female who is hospitalized, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 18-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 70-year-old male who is hospitalized, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 19-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 22-year-old female who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Taylor: A 22-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 20-year-old male who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Taylor: A 19-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 41-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 21-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 18-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 64-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 51-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 21-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 83-year-old female who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Taylor: A 22-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 70-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Taylor: A 38-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Wayne: A 63-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Wayne: A 36-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Wayne: A 43-year-old female who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Wayne: A 22-year-old male who is self-isolated, asymptomatic
Wayne: A 45-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic
Wayne: A 34-year-old male who is self-isolated, still symptomatic

The death we report today is a 57-year-old female from Adair County. We are saddened by this death and the large number of hospitalizations we currently have in our district, 26.

Unfortunately, for the second day in a row, we broke our all-time single-day new case record. Today we are reporting 80 new cases. We still have 7 counties in the “red-critical” range of community-spread. We are also at the highest number of active cases in our district since the on-set of the outbreak, 498.

Please, let’s all continue to do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by wearing our face coverings, avoiding crowds (especially in confined spaces), social distancing when around others, increasing our hand hygiene, increasing our general sanitation, and by avoiding the touching of our faces.

The Lake Cumberland area has experienced 3,908 cumulative confirmed cases and there have been 92,491 confirmed COVID-19 cases across all 120 Kentucky Counties as of today (this includes 92,299 statewide plus 192 recently reported cases in Lake Cumberland not in the Governor’s/Department for Public Health’s daily report). Regardless of the confirmed case count for any Lake Cumberland County, we believe COVID-19 to be widespread. The LCDHD is working tirelessly, including nights and weekends, to identify and contact all those with whom any positive case may have come into close contact, and to follow-up daily with positive cases. Additionally, we are striving diligently to follow-up on business-related complaints regarding noncompliance with the Governor’s Executive Orders. We are also working with any community partner that requests assistance for prevention or post-exposure planning/response.

For more statistics and local data go to LCDHD COVID-19 Information.

Additional Guidance

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person: 1) between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet), 2) via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

  • Avoiding crowds as much as possible is your best way to reduce your risk.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often and thoroughly.
  • Wear a mask when out in public.
  • Stay home if you have a fever or are coughing.
  • Increase sanitation.
  • Avoid touching your face.

  • Performing case and close contact investigations and issuing isolation and quarantine orders for positive COVID-19 cases and high-risk close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  • Taking every opportunity to remind the public to individually observe COVID-19 prevention guidance.
  • Responding to issues of non-compliance with the Governor’s order to close down businesses specifically told to shut down for a period of time and also operating businesses not complying with precautionary re-opening measures.
  • Reviewing the Governor's reopening of the economy guidance and fielding community questions regarding such; and, assisting businesses with their planning efforts.
  • Reviewing the Governor's school reopening guidance and assisting area schools with their planning efforts.
  • Providing weekly meetings to update the media and public on COVID-19 in our region.
  • Planning for mass immunization clinics once a vaccine is available in our area.
  • Consulting with long-term care facilities regarding best practices for preventing COVID-19; and, responding to positive cases.
  • Participating in as-needed calls with long-term care facilities and offering guidance and support.
  • Helping to coordinate testing sites.
  • Helping to monitor Personal Protective Equipment in key medical and long-term care facilities.

Sources: and Daily Lake Cumberland Lab Reports

Note: The charts and tables on our site may exclude “out-of-state” positives and positives in Kentucky with unknown county locations. The data may be a day behind while specific locations of cases are confirmed. Lake Cumberland’s information in various public information releases may not match the Governor’s numbers since our offices and his receive information on a different time interval. Lake Cumberland Data on the charts and tables are based on what we know locally at any given moment. Please see our daily news brief under "News" on our homepage for our most recent local case count.

Regardless of local confirmed case count, we assume that COVID-19 is widely spread across all Lake Cumberland Counties.

179 thoughts on “Public Information Brief 10.22.20 9:00 PM EDT

  1. Thank-You for posting the Covid-19 current information. I have followed your posts from the beginning and I see hope coming to life again. I have been home-bound even before this virus came along. My problem was from my throat closing up without warning. Very Scary. So I stayed home where I felt safe. Gave 911 my name and address, in case I needed assistance, they can have EMS get to me fast. Thanks again for everything you've all done to help keep our community safe. Everyone right now working in the medical field must have nerves of steel, and still smile while working. God Bless.

      1. Mr. Crabtree,
        When will we be able to visit our family members in nursing homes and move loved ones into assisted living facilities from nursing homes in Somerset?

        1. Nursing homes, of course, are the most challenging setting. It's full of people who are the most vulnerable. And, they are in an enclosed space. We've seen all across the state, nation, and world just how devastating COVID-19 can be when it gets inside of one of these facilities. To answer your question, though, we don't know. Like you we are waiting on the Governor's guidance. Some nursing homes are doing some things like bringing the patients outside and letting families visit from behind a barrier socially distanced at 6 or more feet away. Maybe you could request such a visit.

          We're so sorry that COVID-19 is keeping you away from your loved one. It is heartbreaking, for sure.

          1. Please explain to me why family can not visit privately with residents? Why are facilities telling residents that a manager must be with them during their visit? These is no privacy for residents to visit with family, that is not right.
            Why are residents eating meals in their rooms? Why can’t they go to dining rooms?

          2. Just to be clear, we do not set the guidance. That comes from the state level. I can attempt to explain the logic. I do not know why a manager must be present. You should ask them that.

            Residents are eating in their own rooms in attempt to keep the residents from co-mingling as much as possible. The more people you have in one room, the more chances you are going to spread COVID-19. Let me share some statistics just for Lake Cumberland. We have had at least 343 COVID-19 cases tied to nursing homes (144 of those are still active). So far, of those, 39 ended up hospitalized. Also, 28 died.

            COVID-19 has devastating impacts on long-term care facilities.

            I do realize isolating residents from their families and friends is also emotionally damaging to the residents and their loved ones. I wish there were easy answers.

    1. I'll have to get with my environmental department to confirm, but mt understanding is that all staff have to wear a mask. The public is encouraged to wear a mask. All businesses have to enforce 6-foot social distancing.

          1. Complacency is the biggest challenge right now. People become a lot more concerned when COVID-19 hits close to home.

  2. What is the total population across the 10 county lake Cumberland area an how does the total number of COVID-19 cases fall in the percentage for the lake Cumberland area population

  3. Thank you so much for all the work you guys are doing and for the postings. So glad we have someone who cares.

  4. Thank you for the updates. Do not live in that district anymore but have friends and family in taylor county and you guys and the emergency management services are the only ones reporting cases there. The county judge is not saying a word.

    1. The County-Judges and other elected leaders are under tremendous pressure to see things get "back to normal". We must all be sensitive to the fact that COVID-19 not only impacts health but also impacts many other important aspects of society upon which we all very much depend and enjoy. It's a difficult position for our elected leaders to face. Through these difficult times, let's try very hard to be understanding in regards to all the challenges COVID-19 creates.

      My suggestion would be that if you want your elected officials to provide more information, reach out to them and ask them to do so. The health department provides the county leadership with real-time COVID-19 information and daily status reports.

  5. I really appreciate the information provided to me on lcdhd website. I am truly amazed at how some people still think this is all a made up thing. One of my friends even said that after the election it will all be over! I live in Taylor & it is obvious by the increase in active cases that people in general have gotten careless about taking precautions. I do have a question: I know this a different strain of flu than what the 2019 vaccine was for but is it possible that someone that had the vaccine can fight Covid-19 better? Maybe not get as sick or even require hospitalization?

    1. I'm sorry, but the genetic makeup of a flu type virus is totally different from that of a corona type virus. So, a flu vaccine would be ineffective for a corona type virus. Thank you for the positive feedback, by the way.

    2. Thank you for the response. I understand they have a town to run. But they have had 19 cases since 6/9 and 14 of them have in the past week. Plus the county Judge oked people to let the kids play on playgrounds that I thought were still closed. That does not make the town any money. This is plan and simple the good ol boys network controlling the town and is a political issue. This virus is not political. Lchd needs to ask the elected officials in taylor county to inform the citizens of the high risk and need to wear mask in public and social distance. Because so many people there trust there info on what to do from the wrong people. So with out the radio stations and officials speaking out they are at risk. Just some one can get there way.

      1. I will refrain from speaking in regards to the politicizing of a pandemic (which is a bad idea at any level of government). I can say that both LCDHD provides news briefs daily on our website and via social media; and, your local Emergency Management Offices also provide regular updates. We also update the elected County Officials of new cases in real-time and encourage them to help us promote the COVID-19 prevention information.

        Since there is no vaccine for this virus, it will potentially impact 65 to 70 percent of the population unless a vaccine is developed first. We know we can't stop the spread of this virus, we can only hope to slow it to the point that the public health and medical infrastructures aren't overwhelmed. The public can help in this effort by observing the guidance.

  6. If workers in a restaurant are exposed and their test comes back positive, will the other workers and public be made aware so they can be tested?

    1. When we do our case investigation, we get a list of all close contacts and reach out to them to determine their risk for exposure.

    2. Yes we were contacted, and tested and with a negative result per the HD we were quarentined to work and home only which completely made no sense.

  7. If you think you may have been exposed, possibly at a doctor appointment, due to travel, or a gathering, how many days after possible exposure should you get tested? If you get tested too soon, is it possible to receive a false negative?

    1. From our Medical Director: If you think you have been exposed you may become symptomatic around 5 days after exposure, but it can be as late as 14 days after. That is why we quarantine people for 14 days after exposure. I do not recommend getting tested unless symptoms occur however if you are going to get tested then about 4-5 days after exposure.

    1. My Environmental Director says

      Swimming pools must be inspected before they can open this year and must follow both the Healthy at Work Minimum Requirements along with the guidance for swimming pools.

  8. If someone can't buy or make a mask, is there anywhere they can go to get free masks? If I am asked, I can point them in the right direction. I have been making masks & was wondering if and where I can donate them to? I see so many people not wearing masks. Yesterday in Kroger's besides the employees & myself hardly anyone was wearing a mask.

    1. First, thank you so much for your concern and act of kindness. There are probably lots of stores that would let you set out a box of masks marked, "free". I fear complacency is a bigger issue than is availability. Folks can wear a bandana as an effective cloth barrier. Remember, cloth masks don't protect you from the virus. Cloth masks help to prevent someone who has the virus from spreading by keeping their droplets more contained.

  9. Why are we opening up bars to more capacity when that seems to be the reason for the spikes in other states?

    1. Any situation at the moment that encourages gathering isn't a good idea from a "public health" perspective. However, for the public's mental and (non-COVID related) physical, health, we can't say locked down forever.

      What we need is a balance between a complete return to normal and some good common sense precautions (wearing masks, avoiding crowds, keeping a 6-foot social distance, hand-washing, staying home if you have a fever or are coughing, increased sanitation, and the avoidance of touching one's face). However, the public seems very complacent with following this guidance.

      What opens and how quickly things open are up to the Governor's Office. The Governor is trying to balance how much can things return to normal without causing such spikes in cases that the public health and medical capacities are exceeded. We can't stop the spread of COVID-19, we only hope to mitigate it (slow it so the medical infrastructures aren't overwhelmed).

  10. With the cases related to restaurants, is it transmitted from employee to customer or vice versa, or is it spread among employees? Also are these restaurants following guidelines and still having transmission or are they disregarding the guidance? I think you guys are doing a great job and thank you for keeping the public informed!

    1. For now, it is mostly people who catch it outside of but happen to work at a restaurant. There has been limited spread between employees, and I am unaware of employee to customer transmission at this point.

      I am personally much more concerned about the transmission that might be happening from customer to customer in dine-in restaurants where social distancing is not maintained. There are a good number of people who catch COVID-19 for whom we are unable to determine from whom or from where they contracted it.

      1. Are you finding that new positive cases are participating in multiple risky behaviors, such as eating in at restaurants, going to movies, and going to church, making it more difficult to track down which encounter was the vector?

        1. That's all over the board. Some have been in close contact with very few people. Some with dozens. It just depends.

  11. How will LCDHD encore new mask mandate for businesses? For example will random audits occur to ensure all staff are wearing masks?

    Also, in a hotel setting what will LCDHD do to businesses if guests or patrons are not wearing a mask. We are not the police and need the revenue–although we support the recommendation.

    1. My Environmental Director says:

      LCDHD will encourage businesses and the public to wear masks. We know that wearing a mask can reduce your exposure to Covid19 by up to 65%. If others you come in contact with are also masked that reduces the risk of catching Covid19 by up to 90%. Isnt it worth it to give yourself and others that level of protection? The single most important things we can do are wear a mask, avoid mass gatherings, stay 6 feet apart and wash our hands often. By taking these small steps we can flatten the curve greatly reducing the number of Covid19 cases and keep our economy moving.

      When we receive complaints we will reach out to businesses and educate them on the importance of masking. We may also forward repeat offenders to the Department of Labor for further investigation and review.

      It is very important for us to see our business community flourish while also reducing our number of Covid19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. It is our mission to protect the health of the citizens of the Lake Cumberland area.

      1. I thought if businesses continued to serve unmasked customers they could be closed, until corrected. Walmart in Somerset is still serving unmasked customers.

        1. I feel confident there is widespread non-compliance. We'll do the best we can to follow on this. I have a handful of staff and there are thousands of businesses.

  12. After a visit at Campbellsville Lowe’s today I was told by an employee that their policy in the store was not to enforce the mask policy. So I called the store manager and was again told that indeed was their policy. With this behavior we will never control this virus. Shut them down for a week so they can feel some pain!

    1. We will forward your compliant to our Environmental Offices. We issue one warning and then refer non-compliant businesses to the Department of Labor.

  13. I was wondering do all test sites in our area report to lcdhd? If tested will someone call with the results regardless whether positive or negative? I had one done yesterday at TRH & was extremely surprised that it only took an hour from arrival to departure.

    1. Labs and/or Medical Offices are required to report to the health department positive test results. They are not required to report negative test results. The facility has up to 24 hours to notifiy us of a positive case. Many times, the case/patient finds out they are positive before we do.

  14. I just a call from TRH with my test results….thank God it was negative. I am so very happy with the whole process. I volunteer at a local thrift store and I am always concerned about my exposure to the virus. But we provide needed help through our community that I still want to help out as much as I can even.

  15. The majority of customers entering the 5 star across from Lowe's in Campbellsville are not wearing masks. It is no wonder Taylor County has seen a spike in cases. I'm amazed at the laziness &/or the ignorance.

  16. Can an employer require documentation of a negative test result or is this still a HIPA issue before they return to work?

    1. Walmart in campbellsville dont make anyone to wear mask and some of the employee dont wear there right and social distance they need to do something about it

  17. Can an employer in Kentucky require you to take the test and then not pay you if you test positive? Are they allowed to make you use your vacation time or do they have to pay you for days lost?

    1. That's just not an area with which I am familiar enough to give you any kind of answer. You should probably check with an attorney.

  18. I have questions regarding the opening of school. In the event a child makes it to school with a fever, what happens next? I spoke to the school nurse who said they would isolate the child and recommend they see a doctor and be cleared to return to school. I want to clarify, is it a recommendation or requirement? If it is a requirement, are they required to be tested fo covid-19 before returning? I asked the nurse at what point would the parents of other children find out if their kid had been exposed to the feverish kid. She said only if the child tests positive for covid and at that point the health department would be involved. If my child is exposed to another who has covid, what exactly will happen? Will my child be required to quarantine? Will our household be required to quarantine? Im concerned because a man claims he and his wife had to quarantine after his wife had been exposed to someone. Neither were sick themselves, and he had never been around the positive person, only his wife had. I think its important as we make decisions about returning our children to school that we know exactly what the procedures are.

    1. My Environmental Director says:

      It is true that if a child gets to school with a fever they will be isolated with a mask. The recommendation is that they are sent to the Dr and do not come back until they are 3 days fever free with no fever reducing medicine. The Dr may or may not test the child for Covid as that will be a medical decision. The health department would be involved if there is a positive case and would reach out and determine which kids are contacts and would need to potentially be quarantined. At that point only the person who is a contact would be quarantined, not those who were not in contact with the positive case. If the person quarantined becomes positive then at that point the other household members would be quarantined.

      1. Thank you for your response! Would the contacts who are quarantined due to exposure be required to be tested? Or would that only happen if they become symptomatic?

        1. My Environmental Director says:

          You can potentially become symptomatic up to 14 days from exposure. You can test 5-7 days after exposure, but definitely need to if you become symptomatic.

  19. Greetings. I know how busy you all are but I thought I would request that perhaps all Mennonite or Amish-owned businesses in your district (esp in Casey and Pulaski) be visited and counseled about the importance of necessary mask-wearing. I want to continue supporting them, especially because we are trying to avoid larger stores and want to shop local, but I don’t think they understand how important mask-wearing is or that it has been mandated. It is hard enough to get the general citizens to comply but I think all owners, no matter their religion or beliefs, should be made to wear them—or closed. Especially as they are in the food industry or when their buildings are small as it is.

    I went shopping in Casey County yesterday and was really upset at those Mennonite and Amish owners I saw not wearing them, as well as the Mennonite and Amish community in general.

    Thank you so much!

    1. We don't have the human resources to visit businesses in the nature you have described. Right now, we are utlizing a complaint based system. In other words, we follow with those for which we have complaints. That being said, if you can provide the name of a specific business that is out-of-compliance, we will follow on it.

  20. Can you explain why in some situations a positive case's household has to quarantine but sometimes they don't? I've heard of a recent case where a husband was positive but his wife didn't have to quarantine. Even if she tested negative at the beginning, couldn't she have caught the virus at anytime that he was still positive? Can a workplace of a household member force them to work instead of allowing them to quarantine with the positive case? Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing!

    1. Essential workers who are contacts can work if they are asymptomatic and continue to be asymptomatic.

      A household contact of a case can contact the local health department to receive a note excusing them from work throughout their quarantine period.

      1. But can't the virus be spread by individuals who are asymptomatic or per-symptomatic. A recent study showed people are most contagious two to three days prior to symptoms. Essential workers have quite a bit of contact with the public. I understand it is a delicate balance between public safety and keeping a workforce staffed. Even more crucial for the public to understand that the essential workers they are having contact with may have a positive case in their household currently. Just assume everyone has it and behave accordingly. Thanks again to the health departments trying to navigate these difficult times!

      2. All the people listed in the case count that are asymptomatic are self-isolated. Why aren't the essential workers that are asymptomatic self-isolated? Seems to me they would be putting the public at risk as much as anybody else would..

        1. The guidance from the Governor's Office allows essential workers to work. They are supposed to be otherwise self-quarentined. In an ideal world they would all self-quarentine; but, there are some jobs deemed essential and allowances are made.

          1. I wear a mask and do the social distancing when I am out, but now knowing they are letting some asymptomatic people get out in public and making some stay self-isolated, just does not sound right to me. I thought the Governor was wanting everybody to stay safe. I think this just defeats the purpose. According to ABC NEWS Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine and infectious disease at Vanderbilt University Medical Center said you may be an asymptomatic carrier.
            Asymptomatic transmission means you can be infected with the
            virus, have no symptoms and still be contagious,"

          2. If someone is asymptomatic, that means they have no symptoms and probably don't know the have it. So, I don't understand your question. How can anyone isolate someone if no one knows they have the disease?

          3. I know you can not isolate someone if you don't know they have the disease. I am referring to the workers who are contacts and apparently know they are asymptomatic and are allowed to get out and go to work. I am sure they get checked when they get to work to see if they have a fever, but according to some doctors asymptomatic people can be infected and have no symptoms and still be contagious. This is my reply to your July 25, 2020 at 2:19 P.M. post.

          4. Depending on the type of job, "essential" workers are allowed to work if they are a contact of a case, as long as they take extra precautions. Positive cases are always isolated. I suggest you call your local health department Monday to discuss the specifics of your concern. Every situation can be different.

  21. I'm confused about a situation I am currently in. I have been exposed to a person who tested positiive, the results just coming today. I have been with the person numerous times, and reported to my employer. I was sent home as soon as her test said positive, and told the health department would contact me. The person did not report me as a contact, but my employer said I have to wait for a phone call from the health department to get tested before I can return to work. What is the exact protocol?

    1. We can't know what we can't know. If the case doesn't give us someone's name as a close contact, we just don't have it. Maybe you weren't exposed in a way that you were deemed high-risk. Call your local health department and ask to speak to a provider about your situation. Every situation is unique.

  22. Two part question. Of the total number of people tested on Friday in Somerset is there a breakdown of all numbers for public to see? On above above comment a child gets to school and test positive for fever that child is going to be isolated and sent to doctor. What if this same chlld just rode bus around other children and the bus driver?

    1. There were 337 total tests with 9 positives. Two of those were repeat tests, so 7 new positives.

      I'll put in the answer to the 2nd part when my other staff member responds to me.

    2. My Environmental Director says:

      Yes it is the same if the child rides the bus and gets to school and is found to be febrile.

  23. Are Covid-19 tests free in our area? If so, is it all testing sites or just some? Does it depend on a person's insurance company? One day that I was at TRH there was no one in line for the drive thru. I feel like that people are reluctant to get tested because of having to spend any money.
    So many of my friends say that they have no symptoms so there's no need to get tested. But aren't those people possibly spreading the virus & not know it?
    Thankful for all the hard work that everyone at LCDHD is doing!

  24. I understand that care facilities still account for the largest percentage of cases in our district. Surely they’ve been following the guidance for mask wearing, hand washing and distancing since early in the pandemic. Since you are contact tracing have you learned how it’s still infecting them? I’ve asked others this question and no one has had an answer.

    1. Staff and other essential people are allowed to enter and leave the facility. If a staff contracts COVID-19 outside the facility, they can bring it into the facility while they are asymptomatic. It is extremely diffiuclt to keep COVID-19 out of nursing homes, jails, factories etc.

      1. Sorry my comment posted twice. Aren’t those workers able to keep from spreading it though if they are wearing masks, hand washing and sanitizing surfaces?

        1. All the things you mentioned reduces the risk of spread; however, it doesn't completely eliminate the possiblity.

          1. No. Since the disease is now community spread (spreading freely in the community), we rarely know where someone got it.

  25. Do you know the primary way the workers are getting it?

    Also is an essential worker allowed to work if they are positive but asymptotic? I’m not referring to care facility workers, but other industries considered essential.

  26. "Businesses" is a very broad category to contain 30 some percent of cases locally. Can you be more specific without divulging confidential information? Are these large retailers, manufacturing companies, small service businesses, etc?

    1. Right now, that is as specific as our program breaks down the numbers. It is across all businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is community spread and sparing no one.

  27. Russell Co Jaycees are planning to have fair events this Thursday-Saturday. Has LCDHD rec'd and approved a plan for safely doing this from the Jaycees?

    1. We don't "approve " plans. If someone sends us written plans, we will respond if we agree the plans are in alignment with the present guidance.

      We haven't reviewed a paper version of these particular plans but have gone over the guidelines exhaustively with the Jaycees. We received feedback from the community on how the Jaycees did an excellent job with the demo derby. The only complaint we received was the public did not do a very good job with the masking requirements, but they also said the Jaycees had up signs and ask people to wear them.

      It is up to the public to comply with the rules of an event.

  28. Exactly what does the order issued by CHFS cover? Is it basically just friends & family gatherings Like parties & family reunions? Some of the terms used are very vague, lending to persons own interpretation.

    1. The Order addresses non-commercial gatherings, such as social gatherings at ones home or family reunions for example. It does not address other gatherings that guidance is in place for such as businesses or wedding venues or planned events like county fairs. No matter what though, avoid large crowds, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.

  29. If a mask is mandorty does everybody goes in the stores got to wear one if so why aint they force it because I go to Walmart and Lowes and kroger in campbellsville don't make them wear one they said that they aint going to force it someone got to get ahold of this

  30. Kroger in Somerset (181 Hwy 27) has not enforced the mask mandate on customers not wearing masks. Since the mandate went into effect, we've shopped there a few times and there are always shoppers without masks, even checking out.

    Also, at the Burger King on the corner of 27 and 80 near that Kroger, not all the employees were wearing masks, including the person at the food pickup window!

    Sorry to report this to you, but Gov. Beshear said to report any violations to our local health department.

    Can you tell us what kind of penalties will be applied against businesses that continue to ignore the mandate? For instance, are warnings given first? If so, how many warnings before a monetary penalty is given? How many warnings/penalties are given before a business is shut down?

    1. I'll forward your complaints to my Environmental Department.

      I haven't received the official documentation for how the penalty process will work against non-compliant businesses. So, I don't yet know.

  31. Also, just to clarify some of the answers you gave to earlier questions, is an asymptomatic person (one who tests positive but has no symptoms of COVID-19) allowed to work if that person is an essential worker? This would be outrageous to me, and I'm sure to many people, but I may have misunderstood what you were trying to convey.

    1. Anyone who tests positive is a "case". It doesn't matter if they are symptomatic or not. If they are a postive case they are isolated.

  32. Many people where I live are traveling to a nearby city to have rapid swab testing done. The facility is giving them papers which say they may return to work following Covid 19 guidelines from the CDC. However, as a household member of a positive case, I was told by our local health dept. That I still had to be quarantined 14 days after the positive person in my household was released even though two different tests came back negative and I was released to work by another testing facility. This concerns me and could be a reason so many cases are going up. At the time my family member tested positive, no one told us that we had to be in quarantine also. That would mean that even though I tested negative twice I had to be in quarantine for 28 days? Apparently there is a huge lack of communication for contacts and how does another medical facility have the ability to release me for work???

    1. My Director of Nursing says:

      We can educate providers on the recommended guidance per the CDC and health department protocols. A household contact of a positive case should abstain from work and be quarantined as recommended by the local health department.

  33. I can understand why businesses do not want to press the issue of face coverings. In other areas there has been so much violence associated with trying to enforce mandatory face masks. I for one do not want a gun or knife pulled on me. It simply is not worth it. It is a shame but a fact of life in America. In general we have become so centered.

    1. If you face someone who is oppositional, we don't expect you to have a confrontation with them. I'm sorry things have to go this way at all.

  34. Why are they allowing people into the stores in Cumberland Co.Ky.namely the IGA and Dollar General to not wear masks and wait on them. At the Dollar Store nobody social distance and some of the employees either do not have a mask on or it's around their neck. IGA does provide masks and sanitizer but some are still waited on without a mask. I have reported both of these businesses twice but this continues on. I am elderly and have several disorders that makes me a target. We have no delivery services.What are you going to do?

    1. We will continue to educate the community about the importance of wearing face coverings and of social distancing and we will reach out to business to encourage compliance with the Governor's orders. Beyond that, there are limited things we can do. At some point, a soicety has to be willing to protect itself.

      1. We all have to remember that certain groups because of age or medical condition are exempt from wearing face coverings. It is possible that management of those stores has been informed about a customers medical condition. That being said there is no reason an employee should not have on a mask.
        Thank you Shawn for all of the hard work that is being done on our behalf!😁

  35. Why is there such a disparity between the new cases you report and the state reports? Yesterday Aug 12 you reported 6 new cases for Pulaski and the state reported 19…today Aug 13 you report 11 new cases for Pulaski and the state reports 20 new cases…

    1. The state is about 3 days behind reporting cases. We report cases the same day we get lab confirmation. They validate cases differently than we do. Sometimes they "catch up" and report multiple days of cases on the same day for a given county. Our local data is always the most current data.

  36. There appears to be a disparity between your figures and that of the state…i.e. on Aug 12 you posted 6 new cases for Pulaski Cty and the state says there were 19 and today, Aug 13 you report 11 new cases for Pulaski Cty and the state says there were 20…Can you please explain this?

    1. The state is about 3 days behind reporting cases. We report cases the same day we get lab confirmation. They validate cases differently than we do. Sometimes they "catch up" and report multiple days of cases on the same day for a given county. Our local data is always the most current data.

    1. My Director of Nursing says:

      Individual who present with symptoms
      At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared; and
      At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; and,
      Symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved.

      For asymptomatic individuals 10 days after the test specimen was collected.

  37. Is it possible for a recovered and released Covid patient to transmit the virus to another person if that patient is exposed to another positive case? Should the recovered and released Covid patient continue to wear a mask in public when 6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained?
    Thank you

    1. A released case is no longer contagious. While it might not be necessary for them to wear a mask any longer, they should continue to wear the face-covering because no one (except for medical exemptions) is excluded from the state-wide face-covering guidance.

  38. On a few trips to the post office, there have been people coming and going without masks and even at the counter being waited on.

    Also, on a few more trips to Kroger (near Tradewinds), there have always been a few people shopping and checking out without a mask. Are stores supposed to have someone at the doors to check whether or not shoppers are wearing masks? That would be a good idea, but I'm doubtful it will ever be implemented.

    I've come to the conclusion that while the vast majority of people are wearing masks now, it's up to each of us to keep ourselves at a safe distance from others (mask-wearing or not).

    1. I agree, we must do what we have to do to protect ourselves. Most larger businesses seem largely in compliance with the guidelines. Even if someone is at the doors checking people, certain people with medical issues are exempted from wearing masks. Some people are aggessively opposed to wearing masks and we don't expect any store worker to engage in a physical altercation.

  39. I know the restriction had been lifted on Long Term Care Facilities, but can a facility close its doors on their own? Have they implemented & maintained requirements for masks & social distancing?
    In other parts of Kentucky we saw huge outbreaks of cases in Correction & Long Term Care Facilities. I for one think the restriction should never have been lifted! I myself would rather have my parent or grandparent safe behind closed doors then exposed to this deadly virus.
    Is screening being done at these facilities daily? Especially staff and vendors?
    I pray this virus is contained and eradicated very soon, before we lose too many more. Although one death is too many.

    1. I think everyone is doing the best they can under extremely difficult circumstances.
      The growing indifference of the community is of greater concern to me. I think people are just worn out with COVID-19. They are done with it even though it is not done with them. People want normal, regardless of the cost.
      I think the public health response and the various restrictions have prevented the devastation this disease could have caused up until this point, and people do not take seriously the catastrophe that has been avoided. That is the albatross of public health, people do not fully value the catastrophes that have been prevented. Generally, people wait until a disaster happens and then criticize society for not having prevented it, instead of investing in and valuing prevention.
      How much sickness has been prevented by vaccination? How much teen pregnancy has been prevented by our family planning and youth education programs? How much disease spread has been prevented via syringe exchange? How much sickness has been prevented via our food inspections and other environmental programs? Yet, year after year, public health funding suffers.

      1. You are so right. I do think most are aware of the seriousness of Covid-19. I know people are tired of hearing about it. I am too, but at the same time I do my best to protect myself & others around me.

  40. Hi,
    I don’t quite understand why these daily numbers don’t match up with those provided by the governor. This says Pulaski had 5 new cases whereas the governor’s office said Pulaski had 20. I am sure there is a good reason. Can you help me understand the descrepancy?

    1. We report numbers as soon as we get lab confirmation. The state not only receives the information on a different time interval, they validates the numbers differently than we do. It isn't unusual for them to be 2 or 3 days behind our numbers. Sometimes, they will have a big day of "catch-up" and report multiple days of numbers on one day. The numbers we report are always the most accurate and timely for our area.

  41. If a church member tests positive and was in church Sunday, does the church need to cancel indoor services for a 2 week period?

    1. I'm sorry, but every situation is unique. If this was a positive case in our district, I'm sure the health department staff have provided the necessary information to the concerned parties.

      1. It would be ideal, at least from a public health perspective, if all churches were meeting remotely or via drive-up services. Anything that encourages groups gathering in a confined space for an hour or more isn't ideal.

  42. Mr. Crabtree, why is the Green County Health Department telling everyone that we are all going to get Covid-19 and herd immunity is the only answer to this pandemic? Is this condoned by the Lake Cumberland Health District? I think the local Health Departments attitude toward track and trace and not quarantining when necessary is causing some local issues.

  43. I am scheduled to have non-elective surgery next week at Lake Cumberland Hospital which will require an overnight stay. Can you tell me what protocol the hospital is following with its employees for COVID 19? How often are doctors, surgeons and nurses being tested? What is the health departments recommendation for surgery patients? What questions should I ask my doctor prior to admission?

  44. Today as well as two days last week I see a large numbers of cases in the 80-89 demographic that are asymptomatic. I have been unable to find a great deal of data on the percentage of cases that are asymptomatic. Is this unusual?

    1. Most of those cases are tied to nursing homes that are in the middle of a current cluster. Those cases may turn symptomatic over the coming days. As far as asymptomatic cases in the general population, that is a significant unknown. Most people in the general population who are asymptomatic (not showing symptoms) would never get tested and we wouldn't know that they have had COVID-19. So, we don't really know how many people have had COVID-19, only those, basically, who have been tested.

      That's a significant reason wny this continues to spread so freely. Asymptomatic cases can still be contagious. Obviously, if we knew everyone who had it, we would isolate them and the disease would burn-out. On the positive, the more people who have had it, even if we don't know how many, the quicker the population develops some degree of immunity. Right now our growth rate projects our total cases will double in 51 days. That goes up and down, obviously, as we have higher or lower numbers of new cases on consecutive days. If the current trend holds, we’ll be up to 4,660 cases in under 2 months.

  45. In the list of new cases, it says someone was "released." An example is under new cases for Wayne County it shows "Wayne: A 55-year-old female who is released, 9/06/20." I am confused as to why it says released on 09/06 if it is a new case. Thanks!

    1. Sometimes people, for example, take an anti-body test which shows that they have had COVID-19 sometime in the past, though, for them, it was a while back and they are no longer in the time-frame that is considered contagious. In that situation, they would be counted as a new case and added to our total cases, but would never be counted as an active case. They would be added to the total count but released on the same day.

  46. Are positive cases associated with Lindsey Wilson College being reported as Adair County cases even if the students are only living temporarily in the dorms or are they counted in the student's hometown? How will communities know if an outbreak is occurring in their college student population? Are the students isolating in dorms on campus or in local hotels? Thanks again for all the hard work you guys are doing!

    1. If positive cases remain on campus to isolate they are counted in the county they are isolating and being followed. If they return to their hometown outside our district they are followed in that particular county.

        1. This is really a Lindsey Wilson question and not a health department question. It is our understanding that, at least in some situations, they are using alternative sites besides the campus for such purposes.

    1. The private sector has largely taken over the flu vaccination business. So, it will really be up to each of those locations how they handle it. I haven't heard of any plans thus far to do drive-through clinics. It isn't a bad idea. In fact, it's a rather good idea. However, the local health department just doesn't do much flu volume any longer.

  47. Hi! In regard to businesses being the leading place right now to contract covid-19, can you give any more detailed info about that? Specifically, we're wondering whether or not most or all of the people coming down with covid are not wearing masks. I'm not the only one upset and angry that there are still so many people running around here in Somerset (and throughout Kentucky) without masks AND packing into places! Considering that there would be very few people truly unable to wear masks because of a health condition, the people who refuse to wear one are being selfish and uncaring of others. I'm afraid that some of these people will never understand the importance of these safety measures (including the mask wearing) until they have a family member, friend, or acquaintance come down with it.

    By the way, congrats on being one of the health department directors recognized by Gov. Beshear recently as doing a great job at keeping track of and trying to control the virus spread! Thank you and everyone at the health department for your efforts!

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback. Not everyone in the public shares your opinions about the seriousness of COVID-19. Daily we contend with various people of all types who are resistent. As for the specific details you are requesting, I'm sorry, but we don't have the details broken down that specifically. We can say that clusters at any location tend to be more severe when the location isn't following distancing and masking guidance.

  48. I have noticed that several times in Lexington they listed businesses in regards to C-19. Would people be more carful and wear mask if they knew the source. Just a suggestion. Pulaski County is not very good at mask or social distancing. Most don't even believe it is real.

    1. They might be more compliant if we listed them publicly, I'm not sure. I suppose we aren't exactly trying to shame people into compliance but trying to educate them into compliance. Hopefully, it won't take a large increase in hospitalizations or death to recapture the public's sense of urgency.

  49. If a customer shops at a store and is tested positive does that store have to close? Social distancing, masks were in use during the time. The store was informed by the customer on Friday of the test results, I really need an answer before Monday morning. Thanks in advance.

    1. No, almost never. Generally, they would just have to clean. This is most commonly spread via droplets in the air.

      1. Thank You so much. We do all through the day, end of day, shopping carts & counters are sanitized frequently. Thank You again for putting my mind at ease. I was worried I might do the wrong thing.

  50. Why in some counties are students quarantined ? There were instances in Wayne County that a teacher tested positive for COVID and had been with students for one – two days. The parents weren’t notified and students were not quarantined. Teacher stood in the classroom doorway and greeted students and there wasn’t 6 ft distance between students and teachers. In addition, if it is spread as droplets, CDC describes that said droplets can be spread like spraying an aerosol can?? Is this true? Shouldn’t all counties be in compliance with each other ?

    1. We can only reach out to contacts when the positive case reveals to us thoroughly whom the contacts were. And, we can only know what the contacts tell us. We are not always given full information.

      As far as who is quarantined, that depends on what happens in the classroom. If everyone is consistently distanced at least 6-feet apart and masking, then most won't be quarantined as a close contact. If masks aren't consistently worn, many more will be quarantined. If proper distancing isn't observed, those who were closest to the case will be quarantined.

      Yes, everyone should take COVID-19 seriously. In our districts just over 2 out of every 100 (or just over 1 in 50) who contract COVID-19 will die from it. Also, just over 8 out of every 100 (or just over 1 in every 12) will be hospitalized.

    1. You will have to discuss this with the School Boards/Superintendents. By Kentucky laws and regulations, it is the School Board/Superintendent that decides when to open or close schools. It would take an Executive Order by the Governor or a Court Order to temporarily alter this, or a change in the laws and regulations themselves.

  51. Why is LCDHD supporting and giving approval to the downtown party in Somerset? Who is responsible for inforceing the mask mandate? How does this event bypass the governor's restrictions on group gatherings. This event is inviting increased numbers of those infected to Somerset, at a time that the number of positive cases is breaking records in Ky almost daily. Why?

    1. We don't support it. We discourage any social gatherings during a pandemic, especially when social distancing and masking isn't observed. The City submitted a plan that complied with the Governor's recommendations. Whether or not they are following and enforcing their plan is up to them. It seems to me it is close to impossible to protect people who are unwilling to protect themselves. If no one showed up at these events, cities/counties etc. would quit having them.

      1. The local tourism director was on WKYT in a local interview and stateed the the department had approved and supported the event.

        1. We don't approve plans, we only review them to see if they align with the guidelines. We don't encourage any unnecessary social gatherings during a pandemic.

          1. Someone needs to correct Ms Ikerd and her staff. It is posted on their website 'Somerset's COVID-19 safety plan, approved by LCDHD' City leaders need to step up and support the measures that are inplace, by LCDHD, state and federal governments.

  52. I understand your policies, but it seems like local officials don't.

    We will never end this awful pandemic is someone doesn't start enforcing the rules/guidelines. Thank you for all of you updates, they are appreciated.

    As posted on their website.

    Safety guidelines
    All of this will be enjoyed a bit differently than last year in order to provide a safe event for festival-goers, Ikerd said.

    Somerset’s COVID-19 safety plan, approved by the Lake Cumberland District Health Department, includes having five separate entrances to keep crowds from gathering in one place. A symptom board at each entrance will list COVID-19 symptoms and ask those experiencing symptoms not to enter. Each adult and child entering the festival will have their temperature checked and must provide a name and number for contact tracing, Ikerd said.

    1. People who plan things interpret our saying their plan aligns with the Governor's recommendations as our approval. I suppose it is a grey area, but we technically don't approve them.

  53. The local health department or the Cabinet for Health and Family Services are the entities under law with the authority to inspect and order the closure or mitigation of the virus pursuant to KRS 214.020, 902 KAR 2:030 and 902 KAR 2:050. KDE provides school districts with assistance and guidance but may only regulate where permitted by law. KDE and the Department for Public Health published a guidance document that set forth the health and safety expectations for districts to follow in reopening schools. However, the decision to reopen a school and the implementation of the guidance is legally left to the discretion of the local school board. The local health department has the authority to inspect and cite school districts who do not comply. Why are you know doing this?

    1. We have worked with all areas schools on reviewing their plans. They submitted plans that are consistent with the guidelines. When to close is up to the schools. The guidance to close when a county is in the red is just that, guidance. They aren't compelled to follow that guidance. Therefore, there is nothing for us to site. If you aren’t satisfied with they way your local school district is handling their response, please direct your concerns to the school board or the superintendent.

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