Boil Water Advisory for Pulaski

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There is a system wide boil water advisory in affect for Somerset Water Service, Southeastern Water, Western Pulaski Water, Science Hill Water and Eubank Water.. Bring all water to a rolling boil for 3 minutes.  The water should NOT be used for drinking, making infant formula or juices, cooking, making ice, making coffee or tea, washing fruits or vegetables, or brushing teeth. For these purposes, boiled or bottled water should be used. If there are children in the home, place the pot on the back burner to avoid scalding. Boil only as much water in a pot as you can comfortably carry without spilling. Discard all ice and disinfect ice cube trays. Make ice using boiled, cooled water.

10 thoughts on “Boil Water Advisory for Pulaski

  1. Bronston is Pulaski Co. Bronston claims water is from Monticello. Why are you stating all of Pukaski Co is under boil advisory? Also I want to know why its under boil advisory.

    1. If you are on a different water system than what is listed, then you are not under a boil water advisory.

    1. I understand there was a major water main that broke. We just posted the notice. You'll have to check with them for details.

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