Cluster of Positive COVID-19 Cases Identified in Somerset, Ky

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Cluster of Positive Cases Identified in Somerset, Ky.

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department is seeing an increase in cases in our 10-county area. Currently we have 180 active cases of COVID19 in our district with seven of those hospitalized. Of the 180 active cases, only 49 are asymptomatic. We are seeing outbreaks associated with long-term care facilities, factories, churches and travel.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus and may include: Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

LCDHD has identified a cluster of positive COVID19 cases associated with Cracker Barrel employees in Somerset, Ky. The employees who tested positive are currently self-isolating at home in line with the latest public health guidance. Additionally, Cracker Barrel took immediate steps to notify employees who may have been in contact with those who tested positive.

“The health and safety of employees and guests is our top priority. We’ve been working closely and fully cooperating with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department as we evaluate this situation,” Heidi Pearce, Cracker Barrel spokesperson, said. “We’ve taken the following actions: transitioned the location to curbside, pickup and delivery service only, which reduces staffing in the store; limited the number of guests allowed in the building; and performed additional cleaning and sanitation measures. Also, all employees will continue to undergo daily wellness screens and wear masks in accordance with the Governor’s statewide order.”

With the prevalence of COVID19 in our community, LCDHD encourages citizens to treat everyone who is not in their household as potentially COVID positive. The best advice we can offer is to wear a mask when in public or around non-household members, stay 6 feet apart, avoid mass gatherings and wash hands frequently.


13 thoughts on “Cluster of Positive COVID-19 Cases Identified in Somerset, Ky

  1. Circle K , Somerset , KY after the governor mandated everyone to wear mask is allowing employees to not wear mask over nose and some wear their mask below the chin. Customers are entering the store with no mask on.

    1. I have seen this as well.
      And another place was today a Sav a lot south, by the mall was allowing cluster of people to enter the store WITHOUT mask on . I entered the store and ask for manager and I questioned the cashier why so many are entering the store WITHOUT mask on and NOT BEING TOLD THEY HAVE TO WEAR ONE , and she replied to me…Well, that guy Andys mandatory law GOT OVERTURNED AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR ONE …..I turned and said to her , could you please educate yourself on prevention and protection …and have some common courtesy for others…

      1. We will give businesses one warning and the refer to the Department of Labor who can revoke a license to operate or issue a fine. The health department can do neither.

  2. I know the manager Brian, and I can understand completely why no one has to wear them , because he feels it's your own choice and he can will tell you that when you order the store….I actually heard Mandy, another employee tell a customer , hey dude it's your life ,do what you want as far as wearing a mask….

    1. We will give businesses one warning and the refer to the Department of Labor who can revoke a license to operate or issue a fine. The health department can do neither.

    2. That's odd that Save-A-Lot wouldn't require a mask. They're owned by the same company as Price Less and Price Less is not only requiring a mask, they are furnishing masks free of charge to any customer who doesn't have one. That's the way to help beat this. As my son said, "A pandemic doesn't go away just because you're tired of it."

  3. Please make this more clear. The headline talks about "Cluster of Cases in Somerset" but the text immediately talks about 180 cases. No mention of "…bringing Pulaski's total to 35" or anything to stop the word-of-mouth stories that I am already hearing that there are 180 new cases.

    WKYT reported this story the same way. Half the people who read this have no idea the 180 is for 10 counties — even though it says that. People skim stuff stories like this.

    If you can't tell how many of the new cases are from the restaurant, at least talk about the Pulaski number of 35, and move the 180 total for the 10-county to later in the story.

    1. We are doing the best we can. I apologize it wasn't clear. My staff and I are working many, many hours and just struggling to get the updates out at all. If folks would have clicked and read the article, they would have understood.

  4. VIP"S on hwy. 90 west no gloves no mask and no social distancing. Employees and customers. We entered and left.

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