Guidance for Places of Worship: Church Ruling and COVID-19

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We are aware of the court’s ruling that churches can resume in-person meetings. It is our position that spiritual health is important and constitutionally protected. It is also our position that the health of our citizens is of great importance. We would discourage churches resuming services without taking aggressive public health protective precautions. Click here for Guidance for Places of Worship. Also, click here to see the Governor’s Revised Mass Gathering Executive Order.

Don’t forget that we had a significant COVID-19 exposure in an area Lake Cumberland Church during the month of March. This resulted in 15 church-related confirmed COVID-19 cases, two hospitalizations, and one death. From there, those church members carried the virus into at least two businesses/industries which contributed to 15 additional cases.

Since most of the world instituted social distancing measures which have significantly slowed the spread of COVID-19, we fear our public has been lulled into a false sense of security. COVID-19 is still with us and, without aggressive self-protective and public health preventive measures, will start to spread through our population again as social distancing measures are relaxed. Please be safe and use good judgement.