202000410 Update on COVID-19 Situation at Summit Manor in Adair County

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Update to the notes below: the total number of residents tested positive for COVID-19 now stands at 30. The total number of staff stands at 7 (five of those are Adair citizens, one from Clinton and one from Russell).

Through 4/8/20, Adair County had a total of 9 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Six of those were residents at Summit Manor Nursing Home, owned by Signature Healthcare, and one was a staff member (two other staff members also tested positive but are residents of neighboring counties). Two positive cases were not related to Summit Manor. The positive staff members were isolated at home, and all six residents were transferred to hospitals. Residents at the highest risk of having been exposed were moved within the facility in an attempt to control further exposure.

Additionally, Signature Healthcare was able to secure COVID-19 testing for all staff and residents. Those test results began to be received on the afternoon of 4/9/20. Twenty-three additional residents and one additional staff member tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member was immediately isolated at home, and the residents who tested positive were moved to a COVID-19 section of Summit Manor.

From Summit Manor’s situation update, Summit Manor has developed a fully operational COVID-19 only dedicated unit that will care only for persons with COVID-19. This unit:

• will be isolated with barrier systems in place, protecting it from access to the rest of the facility
• will have its own supplies and food arrangements
• will have dedicated, trained staff who will stay on the unit at all times, separate from the rest of the facility and other staff – and importantly, this staff will only work on this unit, not anywhere else in the facility.

This means that all residents who tested positive for COVID-19 will be cared for in house, on that special unit. If at any time, should the facility or resident’s physician feel that a higher level of care is needed, the resident will be transferred out immediately to a higher level of care. Summit Manor also has an infection control physician and specialist nurse on call from its home office, who are assisting in monitoring this specialized unit. Summit Manor has notified all staff and families about this groundbreaking transition.

With consultation with the State Health Operations Center, the Lake Cumberland District Health Department is working closely with Summit Manor to mitigate this situation as effectively as possible.

The Lake Cumberland District Health Department thanks Judge Cowan and the local Emergency Management for their support and leadership.

Here are two press releases addressing this issue.