Lake Cumberland Citizens: We Need Your Help

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Citizens of the Lake Cumberland Area…Our district is in desperate need of personal protective equipment. If you have the following, please drop them off at your local health department (to be divided out to community partners as needed):

  • Surgical gowns
  • Medical face shields
  • Surgical masks
  • N-95 masks

Also, if you have the desire and ability to help, the following could use donations of homemade cloth masks. Don’t drop these off at the local health department. Instead, reach out to the following to see if they could use your help and follow any instructions they provide.

  • School staff delivering meals
  • Meals on Wheels staff
  • Food Bank staff
  • Drug treatment centers

Here are the instructions to properly make homemade masks:

4 thoughts on “Lake Cumberland Citizens: We Need Your Help

  1. I am trying to find out information on what type of help you need regarding meals on wheels, Food bank, etc.

    1. Which county are you in?

      The basic need for such is that they don't have enough masks. Most masks are diverted to health care. So, homemade masks for those types of situations could be helpful. If you just reach out to any of those folks and ask if they have a need, they can let you know.

      Thanks for your consideration.

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