Stuart Spillman receives the John W. Poe at the KYEHA Conference

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At this year’s KYEHA Conference, Lake Cumberland District Health Department’s Director of Environmental Services, Stuart Spillman, received the John W. Poe Award. His nomination included the following information:

Through two real-world events, both water outages that required notifications to all food service establishments within the involved areas, Stuart Spillman, LCDHD Environmental Director, in coordination with the LCDHD Preparedness Manager, identified an area for improvement in the methods used for contacting food service establishments in a timely, effective manner.  He then determined an improvement plan to address this issue. By integrating foodservice establishment contacts into the agency’s ReadyOp roster, environmentalists could quickly and efficiently send important information to those contacts.  This has proven successful as LCDHD utilized ReadyOp to notify food service establishments in specific counties of HepA PODs for food service workers.  As a result, these targeted PODs were highly successful and significant numbers of food service workers were vaccinated against HepA.  This best practice not only makes sharing information with these specific contacts much more efficient, but it frees the staff up to focus their time and efforts on other important activities.

Congratulations to Stuart Spillman

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