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The Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD) is pleased to announce the latest community partners for the Safe Sleep Kentucky/Cribs for Kids program. All donations are being matched by Safe Sleep Kentucky.

Anthem Medicaid

Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD) is pleased to announce Anthem Medicaid Kentucky as the newest community partner for the Safe Sleep Kentucky/Cribs for Kids program.  Anthem Medicaid Kentucky has awarded $10,000 for the purchase of Safe Sleep Survival kits for qualifying Anthem Medicaid Kentucky infants.  Safe Sleep Kentucky will match the funding. At least 200 families will benefit from this generous grant.

There were 88 sudden infant sleep (SIDS) related deaths in Kentucky in 2015 with a dramatic increase to 103 in 2016.  In 2013, 90% of Kentucky SIDS had at least one sleep-related risk factor documented.  SIDS is the sudden, unexplained death of a baby younger than 1 year of age that does not have a clear, known cause.  However, research has proven that a vast number are actually due to suffocation, strangulation, or overlay while sleeping in an unsafe place.

Anthem Medicaid Kentucky representatives Rhonda Petr and Danny Ashlock are aware of the SIDS crisis in our state. Once they learned their company could help, they have been dedicated to ensure qualifying members could receive a Safe Sleep Survival Kit.  Screened participants will receive a portable Pac N Play, fitted sheet, blanket sleeper and safe sleep materials with individualized education.  A screening process is in place through LCDHD for Anthem Medicaid Kentucky members and non-members.

Please contact Sabrina Merrick, MCH Coordinator for LCDHD  at 606 679-4416 x2288 for more information on Safe Sleep Survival Kits, or to become a community partner with Safe Sleep Kentucky.  Other LCDHD services and valuable education on a variety of topics can be found at the following links:

Further information on Anthem Medicaid Kentucky services including free eyeglasses or contacts for adults, or the new car seat benefit for new moms can be found at Anthem Medicaid or by calling 1-855-690-7784.

McCreary County: Outdoor Venture

McCreary County–Outdoor Venture Corporation (OVC), founded in Stearns, KY in 1972, is a leading and prime supplier of critical next-generation military modular tent systems, base camp components, and military accessories.

The company has five facilities in McCreary County.  Presently OVC has approximately 200 full-time employees. The company is recognized as one the SBA’s top 10 companies.  OVC has longstanding ties and dedication to its local community and to company team members.

OVC provided their employees with an onsite health fair with services by Lake Cumberland District Health Department.  As a result, a Crib’s for Kids partnership also formed.  OVC sponsored Pac N Plays for families in need of a safe sleep space for their infant in McCreary County.  The cribs have been distributed through a screening process by McCreary County HANDS staff.

Green County: Family Resource Youth Service Center (FRYSC)

Kelli Henderson, Green County Youth Service Center (YSC) Coordinator became the first Cribs for Kids community partner for Lake Cumberland District Health Department.  She learned of the new program and contacted LCDHD Director of Nursing Laura Woodrum for more details.  Kelli realized the partnership would benefit young families in need that Green County Youth Service Center serves.

Green County YSC and LCDHD have worked together on numerous occasions providing various education and services.  One such event was a Community Baby Shower hosted by Kelli.  Kelli Henderson (right) is shown with Sabrina Merrick, Maternal Child Health Coordinator for LCDHD.

Cumberland Family Medical Center

Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. (CFMC, Inc.) is a Federally Qualified Health Center.  They have several health centers throughout part of the ten counties that Lake Cumberland District Health Department serves.  CFMC, Inc. became a community partner in the Cribs for Kids Program for cribs to be distributed in the counties in which they serve.

Adair County: Child Fatality Review Team

Adair County Child Fatality Review team members are dedicated to reducing the rate of SIDS related crib deaths.  Recently, team members met with Adair County Health Department staff to develop a plan to bring awareness to their community on the safest way for an infant to sleep.  Health Department staff suggested the Cribs for Kids/Safe Sleep Kentucky program available through Lake Cumberland District Health Department and a community partnership began.

Cribs for Kids is a national organization that allows agencies to partner together to purchase Pac n Plays for infants that do not have a safe place to sleep.  Adair County’s Child Fatality Review team members are active in the community and are each aware of instances that an infant did not have proper bedding. Individuals on the team are so determined to reduce the number of crib deaths in their community that they have sponsored the purchase of Pac n Plays as private citizens.  Through the local Cribs for Kids/Safe Sleep Kentucky program, Lake Cumberland District Health Department will match their purchase per program guidelines.

Safe Sleep Kentucky promotes infants sleeping on their backs, in a “safe sleep environment” in which an infant should be in a crib with the mattress and sheet only.  Room temperature should feel comfortable to an adult.  The crib should not have any additional bedding or toys and the mattress should be firm.  Infants should not sleep in the bed or other area with the caregiver or in their car seat.

If you or your agency would like to learn more about the Safe Sleep initiative or become a community partner to help reduce SIDS related infant deaths, please contact Sabrina Merrick, Maternal Child Health Coordinator with Lake Cumberland District Health Department at 606 679-4416 extension 2288.  Further information may also be found at Safe Sleep Kentucky and Cribs for Kids.

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