“Give me a Reason” Initiative: Free Drug Testing Kits to Parents for Their Teens

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Attention McCreary, Pulaski and Wayne counties. The “Give Me a Reason” drug prevention initiative is a voluntary drug testing program designed as a way for youth to avoid peer pressure and give them a reason to say NO to drug use. When confronted with drugs, this initiative will give youth an opportunity to say, “I can’t use drugs, my parents drug test me.”

“Give Me A Reason” will provide free saliva-based drug testing kits to parents or caregivers. The non-invasive test is then given within the privacy of your home with results in approximately 10 minutes. These tests kits are available at numerous locations. Learn more: Operation Unite: Youth Drug Test Kit Initiative.

Operation UNITE serves 32 counties in southern and eastern Kentucky, including all counties comprising the Fifth Congressional District. UNITE is an acronym meaning Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education. It reflects the three-pronged, comprehensive approach deemed necessary to combating substance abuse in Kentucky. Learn more: Operation Unite