Freedom from Smoking

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Words cannot say how very proud we are of the participants in our recent Freedom from Smoking class, which ran from March 7May 16.  We started with 13 and the 5 pictured participants (plus 2 who are not pictured) finished the class.  The class was diverse with participants ranging in age from 22 to 83 years!

This group put the cigarettes down and stuck with the program!  Many of them were long time smokers and had a tremendous struggle — a struggle that is just beginning, because, although they are past withdrawal and initial addiction, they will continue to fight temptation for some time to come.  Teresa Spaw, from the Russell County Hospital, was a big part of this class as she sacrificed her own time to help teach.  We cannot say how blessed we feel to be part of helping someone on this very difficult journey.  We learned something from every group of participants; but, this class truly embraced the experience.  They dug their heels in and refused to give up, even our 83 year old!

Learn more about this series here: Freedom from Smoking.

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