Spotlight on Health, WIC: Tina Thomas

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My name is Tina Thomas, and I am the mother of three children, all of which are or were on the WIC program. This benefit has helped my family out in many ways. I have breastfed or am doing so now, all 3 of my children. The WIC program has a very healthy package for breast feeding mothers. It gives the mom an idea of the healthy foods to eat and how to take care of one’s self while feeding your little one. This program offers you professional guidance with dietary questions and issues. The variety of food individuals can get will not only provide the person with nourishment but also gives them a better understanding of diet and what to prepare for your loved ones and yourself.

One of our favorite items to get is the fruit and vegetables and the cereal. The reason being, we make smoothies and get recipes off the the cereal boxes. My family loves to cook together and make healthy snacks.  This is just a little fun time we have together. This program is very beneficial, educational, and worth your while. I recommend the WIC program for any mother of children 0 to 5 years of age. This program will continue to educate and help you provide and create a healthy lifestyle for your family as it grows.