Employee of the Month Awards for 2015

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December – Loretta Burke, Donna Farrington and Rhonda Strunk, McCreary

Donna, Loretta and Rhonda were awarded for volunteering their time to deliver 225 holiday meals across 125 miles of travel.

November – Jane Jones, Russell

Jane was awarded for assisting the Epidemiology Department by completing an eight page, time-sensitive questionnaire while other staff were unavailable.

October – Beth Collins, Russell

Beth was awarded for providing excellent training to her peers, and for all the extra effort she put into helping a needy family secure assistance with living and holiday expenses.

September – Jonathan Dye, Russell

Jonathan was awarded for taking off work to accompany and support a coworker through a difficult medical procedure.

August – Gail Fryman, Clinton

Gail was awarded for stepping up and assisting the staff in our Preparedness Division by picking up and delivering lunch and securing a projector for a Community Healthcare Preparedness Meeting.

July – Brenda Dial, Russell

Brenda, though an employee of the HANDS Division, was awarded for following up after-hours on behalf of a clinic, prenatal mother needing a professional referral.

June – Sky Bertram, Pulaski

Sky was awarded after receiving a thankful testimony from a new mother who had struggled with breastfeeding.

May – Maureen Robertson, Green

In keeping the best interest of the kids at heart, Maureen was selected for all the research and notes she generated to help any future school nurse who might be hired to replace her as a result of the restructure.

April – Tommy Hall, Pulaski

Tommy was selected for traveling to a HANDS family’s residence to help a co-worker stuck in the snow.

March – Susan Adams, Pulaski

Susan was awarded for going the extra mile helping a grandparent ready their home and find financial assistance when assuming custody of their grandchildren.

February – Pam Acey, District

Pam assisted several people with WIC despite our offices being closed for snow.  She even went as far as attempting to purchase expensive baby formula out of her pocket.

January – Crystal Dillingham, Adair

Crystal was awarded for linking a family, who had lost their home due to fire, to resources to find lodging and for facilitating household donations.