Employee of the Month Awards for 2014

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December – Mike Cash, McCreary

Mike was selected for keeping the generator going until 1:00 in the morning after the electricity went out, thus saving our refrigerated vaccines.

November – Ann Stevens, District

Ann was selected for securing donations from local businesses as incentives, and for providing extra encouragement to staff for our agency worksite wellness program.

October – Jackie Brendel, District

Jackie was awarded for her dedication to her job even during cancer treatments.

September – Melanie Richardson, Pulaski

Melanie was awarded for, though not a part of her job requirements, putting much extra effort into helping one family with particularly needful circumstance get their children enrolled into a new school system.

August – Lisa Anderson, District

Lisa was awarded for quickly and efficiently assisting another employee attend to a substantial, active water leak.

July – Shannon Matthews, Russell

Shannon was selected for—while keeping a positive attitude—coming in early, staying late and completing unfamiliar tasks while her co-workers were on medical leave.

June – Jane Jones, Russell

Jane was selected for effectively helping promote the Kynector Project.  She even came in sick one day to do a radio spot promotion.

May – Angela Dixon, Pulaski

While attending her son’s Project Graduation, Angela responded to another child who was experiencing seizure-like activity.  She not only assisted the child, she accompanied and stayed with the child at the hospital until stabilized.

April – Cathy Haynes, Pulaski

Cathy was awarded for responding to a school request to attend prom so two teens prone to seizures could safely attend.

March – Tammy Jenkins, Pulaski

Tammy was awarded for braving the snowy weather conditions and placing a notice for the patients about an opening delay for the Pulaski Clinic.

February – Amy Marcum, Wayne

Amy was awarded for receiving an exemplary testimonial from her school administration in regards to her caring attitude, work ethic, and overall team-work.

January – Chris West, District

Chris was awarded for all the extra effort he has put into his job while covering for our groundskeeper/mail deliverer during his absence.  During this time, he has had to help manage multiple water damage issues at our clinics as a result of the recent polar vortex.