Employee of the Month Awards for 2013

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December – Donna Farington, Loretta Burke, and Linda Dobbs, McCreary

Donna, Loretta and Linda volunteered their time on November 23rd to drive over 200 miles around McCreary County delivering 178 Thanksgiving meals prepared by the Crossroads Ministries.

November – Jelaine Harlow, Adair

Jelaine was awarded for all the extra effort she put into helping make the Adair County Schools tobacco free.

October – Carol Lane, District

Carol was awarded for working extra hard covering for several of her staff who were off with medical conditions.

September – Angie Simpson, District

Angie was awarded for covering for two of her peers while off sick and for assisting with Breastfeeding Week preparations.

August – Lisa Brown, Casey

Lisa was awarded for keeping a positive attitude and a high standard of performance despite dealing with challenging personal medical circumstances.

July – Debbie Mayberry and Gabby Chambers, Pulaski

Debbie and Gabby were awarded for the extra efforts they made in working with a family and baby who was born with a heart defect.

June – Brandy Rowe, McCreary

Brandy was awarded for spending extra time working with a family and community resources to make sure a student received much needed eye glasses.

May – Roger Young, District

Roger was selected for returning to Columbia to free a co-worker from a locked room.

April – Vicky Albertson, Cumberland

Vicky was selected for her excellent work advocating for child health care.

March – Greta Mounce, Science Hill

Greta was awarded for putting in many hours organizing and coordinating the school’s “Relay Recess” to raise funds for “The American Cancer Society”.

February – Janet Cowherd, Taylor

Janet was selected for her extra efforts in arranging for resources for a needy child.

January – Teresa “Terri” Harrison, Pulaski

Terri was selected for assisting with the Humana Vitality project.  She made door-to-door contacts with school staff thus increasing participation by well over 300%.