Employee of the Month Awards for 2012

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December – Jennifer Harris, Pulaski

Jennifer was awarded for providing monetary assistance to a needy family who couldn’t access community resources due to it being after 4:30 on a Friday.

November – Ashley Curry, Russell

Ashley was awarded for going to a store after hours on a holiday weekend to assure a WIC family in need understood exactly which baby formula to purchase.

October – Victoria Bullock, District

Vickie was nominated for volunteering her own time to spend several days working with the Red Cross in New York on the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  She also rescued one of our employees who had gotten locked in the annex basement.

September – Sherry Sims, McCreary

Sherry was awarded for performing the Heimlich maneuver on a student who was choking.

August – Carolyn Carman, Pulaski

Carolyn was selected for strongly encouraging a family to take a child experiencing significant weight loss to the doctor for follow-up.  It turns out the child had Type 1 Diabetes and is now being appropriately treated.  Carolyn has also spent extra time educating the child’s family and making needed referrals.

July – Leanne Eaton, Pulaski

Leanne was selected for, without complaint, assisting work up Well Child and General Clinic patients on a very demanding day.

June – Kristi Upchurch, Monticello

Kristi was selected for insisting a school employee with high blood pressure seek medical attention.  The employee ended up requiring bypass surgery.

May – Karen Hall, Pulaski

Karen was selected for the excellent care she gave to a student experiencing a seizure and helping out with various other school activities.

April – Lisa Anderson, District

Lisa was awarded due to all the extra effort she put into assisting in preparations for the Diabetes Health Expo.

March – Rebecca Watson, Adair

On one day Rebecca had to deal with two students who had overdosed and follow-up with their families.  She also assisted the police in an investigation of students having access to illegal substances.

February – Rebecca Brown and Shannon Matthews, Western Counties 

Becky and Shannon have been piloting a new approach to completing EPSDT exams on behalf of the agency: they travel into the schools and clinics doing nothing but EPSDT exams.  Their positive attitude and effort are making the new approach successful.

January – Sabrina McGahan, Pulaski 

Sabrina was awarded for creating a seizure checklist to provide to school staff to ensure proper response.